Move to Canada with ease choose top 4 Express Entry alternatives

Move to Canada with ease choose top 4 Express Entry alternatives

Canada is the land of dreams, countless people enter this country to study, work, visit and settle. Because the Canadian dream is too good to be true; yet is a slice of heaven for people living it. In such a case, what if you are stuck in the queue for a Canada PR approval via Express Entry or unsure if you should apply to Express Entry or not? But what if someone said you can move to Canada with ease and choose from top 4 Express Entry alternatives?

The answer is there are Top 4 options you can apply to instead of Express Entry. If you are someone who does not wish to wait 6 to 12 months for Canada PR approval, then this blog post is just what you need to read.

No doubt, the Express Entry (EE) System is Canada’s most famous PR visa pathway. Easy eligibility clear application pathways, multiple options to raise CRS score, and multiple draw types to get an ITA to apply for Canada PR visa. But what about the wait? What if the wait time is because you chose to apply on your own or through an unlicensed agent/consultant? 

In such a case you will be waiting for a visa decision to move to Canada. So, in such a case why not make your life easy? Why not choose an alternative to Express Entry?


Choose Top 4 Express Entry alternatives to move to Canada in 2024!

1. Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa

Shocked? But this is true. As per Canada, you can enter Canada on a tourist/visitor visa and convert the same to a Canada work permit until Feb 28, 2025. After getting your work visa, you can gain Canadian work experience. This will help you apply for a Canada PR visa with ease.

Also, applying for a Canada tourist/visitor visa is the best. Because you do not have an age limit, English/French language requirement, or education requirement. With Canada’s high tourist/visitor visa approval rate, you can move to Canada in no time.


2. Study Visa

This is an option that everyone is familiar with. Each year thousands of applicants apply to study in Canada and take the PGWP route to later apply for Canada PR visa.

However, now you will have to keep in mind the new cap on students. Also, you need a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) from the university you apply to. Canada is going to approve 606,250 study visa applications. So, you must apply carefully and at the earliest possible.

If you wish to take apply for the Sep 2024 intake, then start your process as soon as possible. Before any new changes pop up. After getting a study visa you can get PGWP which will help you get Canadian work experience. Further, you can apply for a Canada PR visa.


3. Spousal Study Visa: Open Work Permit

Wish to move to Canada as a married couple? Then why not let your partner apply for a study visa while you get an open work permit? This will help you both easily move to Canada in 2024.

Also, while your partner studies and works as per his time restrictions, you can fully support them by working full-time on a spousal open work permit. In today’s time, all couples are moving to Canada in this manner to avoid longer visa approval timelines.


4. Investor/Entrepreneur

Did you know you can get Canada PR as an investor/entrepreneur? Out of the top 4 Express Entry alternatives, this option is for applicants who wish to run their own business in Canada.

This way you can move to Canada with your family as an entrepreneur on a work visa. And later apply for a Canada PR visa. Also, the requirements are low for education, and language skills. However, you must have minimum legal investment/capital. 


Skip Express Entry Queue – Choose Top 4 Express Entry alternatives instead with GVI!

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