May 18 2023 1694 OINP Invites issued

Ontario PNP draw: May 18 2023 1694 OINP Invites issued

May 18 2023 1694 OINP invites issued in latest Ontario Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream draw. The applicants who have an invitation in this draw can now further apply for a PNP nomination to OINP.


The details of the OINP Skilled Trades Stream draw are as the following:

  • Firstly, 1694 applicants have an invitation in this draw.
  • Secondly, qualifying applicants created their Express Entry (EE) profile between May 18, 2022 – May 18, 2023.
  • Also, the qualifying CRS score range for this draw is 250-489.


May 18, 2023, the OINP draw may have issued 1694 OINP invites but the draw is also a targeted draw. This means certain job occupations whose demand is high in Ontario have been targeted in the May 18, 2023, OINP Skilled Trades Stream draw.

Thus, to get an invitation the applicants needed to have their job profile come under 1 of the 45 targeted skilled trades occupations.


The current draw is the 5th OINP Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream draw of 2023. And, in comparison to the last Mar 23, 2023, OINP draw, we can see the following changes in the new OINP draw:

  • Firstly, the invitations are up by 948 points.
  • Secondly, there is no change in the CRS score requirement.
    • It is still the same at 250-489.
  • Also, the current targets 3 more job profiles in the current draw.
    • We see a rise in the demand list from 43 profiles to 46 in the new OINP draw.


Thus, overall, we can say that the current draw is positive. And shows that anyone who wishes to settle in Canada must begin now.

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