May 13 CEC Express Entry draw issues 1853 fewer ITAs

Canada Immigration news: May 13 CEC Express Entry draw issues 1853 fewer ITAs.

Canada sees a dip in issuing of ITAs as May 13 CEC Express Entry draw issues 1853 fewer ITAs. It selected a total of 4147 applicants. Also, the applicants who received an ITA in this draw needed a minimum CRS score of 401. In comparison to the last draw, this CRS score is up only by 1 point.

However, the fall in the issuing of ITAs may show a negative effect on over Express Entry (EE) draws but it is actually the opposite. Because CEC applicants are those who are currently rising in Canada. And to apply under the EE CEC stream the applicant must meet the following terms:

  • Have a minimum of 1 year of skilled work experience in Canada.
  • Have Canadian education credentials or an ECA for foreign education (certificate, degree, and or diploma).
  • Also, have a minimum language skill level of:
    • Either CLB/NCLC for NOC 0 or A skill level Jobs or CLC/NCLC 5 for NOC B jobs.
  • Besides, you must be admissible in Canada.
  • Further, you must agree to live outside of Quebec.

Once you qualify to apply then you apply under the EE CEC sub-stream, then your application will enter the EE pool. In the pool, your application will get a CRS rank as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). And when the Express Entry draws happen either general or CEC targeted if you qualify then you will get an ITA to apply for permanent residence in Canada. But your application must be received by IRCC within 90 days of you getting an ITA.

May 13 CEC Express Entry draw issues 1853 fewer ITAs. But no negative effect on upcoming Express Entry draws.

As per the above figures, the May 13 CEC Express Entry draw issues 1853 fewer ITAs. But in reality, now there are 4147 applicants less in the EE pool. This means the applicants who did not qualify in the current draw can qualify in the upcoming draws. So, if your profile is in the pool or you are applying now then your chances of getting an ITA are up. because as you know Canada selects applicants in bulk. The same can be proved from its history of draws. The country is in constant need of skilled workers who can grow its economic power. Thus, Canada welcomes foreign immigrants with open arms and makes sure that they live a happy and a successful life.

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