Manitoba selects 36 Ukrainian citizens in MPNP draw

Manitoba selects 36 Ukrainian citizens in MPNP draw

Nov 03, 2023: Manitoba selects 36 Ukrainian citizens in MPNP draw. Manitoba held its latest special immigration measure MPNP draw that aims to select Ukrainians for MPNP nomination.

The 36 Ukrainian citizens who qualify to apply meet the following conditions:

  • Firstly, be a legal citizen of Ukraine.
  • Secondly, have a minimum language skill level of CLB 4. Also, have a valid language test result to prove the same.
  • Also, have a Manitoba connection via close relatives, family members or people alike, past study or work experience.
  • Besides, you must have a minimum MPNP EOI score of 60.
  • Finally, meet the conditions of the Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) category. Also, including the proof of funds requirement.


The Canadian federal government’s humanitarian efforts are globally known. The special immigration measure under MPNP is the extension of the same thought process. In the same, tradition, Canada is selecting Ukrainians to save amidst the ongoing Ukraine and Russia war.

Canada’s efforts to review, reform and rebuild Ukraine are not new. The country has been in alliance with Ukraine for a long period of time. And has been offering money, resources, and technology to do so. Thus, it is obvious for Canada to honour such ties and introduce the selection of Ukrainians under the MPNP special immigration draw.

A country mindful of the world and its cosmopolitan citizens is worth settling in. From free healthcare, free education, equal rights, peace, and prosperity to the warmest welcome, such things make Canada a haven. A sentiment shared by the residents and newcomers who flock in millions each year.

36 Ukrainians qualify in the current MPNP draw. However, we should expect this number to go up in upcoming draws.

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