Manitoba PNP

Manitoba PNP

Manitoba is one of the prairie provinces of Canada. It is home to more than 1000 lakes with Lake Winnipeg being the world’s largest inland freshwater body. Also, Manitoba covers 250,116 sq. miles and has a moderately dry climate. Further, the province is rich in flora and fauna with lush green forests covering a two-fifth area.

Besides, Manitoba has a growing economy with 3.0% (2019) GDP and is going to rise to 3.3% (2020). Also, it has a population of 1,373,859 which is an increase of 15,610 (1.2%) people from 2019. It has a mix population but it only adds to its diverse culture and traditions.

Undoubtedly, manufacturing is the province’s largest sector with agriculture being the prime sector for economic growth. Winnipeg is Manitoba’s major financial centre due to the provinces high growth in the service sector. Because of a variety of natural resources and minerals, its economy has a large pool of resources for economic growth. In short, a rich culture, growing economy, natural beauty and equal opportunities are attracting more foreign immigrants.

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP)

MPNP program is for skilled people and their families who qualify to live, settle, and work in Manitoba. Also, this program helps students, skilled workers, and business people to move to the province with ease.

Apply to Manitoba PNP under one of the following streams:

Manitoba PNP – Streams
Skilled Worker Stream International Education Stream Business Stream
Skilled Workers in Manitoba Career Employment Pathway Entrepreneur Pathway
Skilled Workers Overseas Graduate Internship Pathway Farm Investor Pathway
  International Student Entrepreneur Pilot  

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