Manitoba issues 299 LAAs in the latest MPNP draw

As per recent updates, Manitoba issues 299 LAAs in the latest MPNP draw.

Canada recently shared details of its Mar 12 draw where Manitoba issues 299 LAAs in the latest MPNP draw. The applicants have been selected from 3 MPNP sub-streams such as:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM)

  • 261 LAAs issued.
  • 459 CRS score requirement

International Education Stream (IES)

  • 35 LAAs issued.

Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO)

  • 3 LAAs issued.
  • 728 CRS score requirement.

Besides, in comparison to the last Feb 26 MPNP draw in the current draw:


  • 103 more LAAs issued.
  • CRS score up by 2 points.


  • 10 more LAAs issued.


  • 18 less LAAs issued.
  • CRS score up by 30 points.

In addition, the current draw issued 30 more LAAs to applicants who had a valid Express Entry ID and a Job Seeker Validation Code. Overall, the Mar 12 MPNP draw selected 92 more applicants.

Looking at the above, figures we can see a rise in both selection of applicants and the CRS score. However, this should not be of any concern. Because all Canada immigration draws are seeing positive Canada immigration trends. This means that Canada is issuing more ITAs and is lowering the CRS score requirement. As a result, more people are now applying for permanent residence in Canada. And why not? Canada is ranked no 1 as the most favoured destination for immigration. Not only does it offer great job opportunities and higher salary packages, but it also offers a multicultural, free, and safe environment.

In short, anyone who wishes to settle in Canada can apply to any of the immigration pathways if they qualify to apply. So, get a quick and easy Canada visa. Apply now and get an ITA in the upcoming Canada immigration draws.

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