Manitoba in 203rd MPNP draw issues 283 LAAs for PNP nomination

Manitoba in 203rd MPNP draw issues 283 LAAs for PNP nomination

Canada Immigration Update: On Dec 14, 2023, Manitoba held its new draw with slight changes in selection criteria. Manitoba in 203rd MPNP draw issues 283 LAAs for PNP nomination. The details of the same are as the following:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM)

Applicants have an LAA under this category because there is a slight change in selection criteria this time i.e.:

  • Either the main applicant or their spouse/partner has proof of post-secondary education in Manitoba.

In addition to the above condition, the following are draw details for the 203rd MPNP draw for the SWO category:

  • Firstly, 160 applicants have an LAA.
  • Secondly, the minimum qualifying EOI score is 774.


International Education Stream (IES)

  • 62 applicants have an LAA.


Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM)

  • Firstly, 61 applicants have an LAA.
  • Secondly, the minimum EOI score to qualify is 714.

Overall, 284 applicants have an LAA. Also, out of it, 20 applicants with valid profiles in the Express Entry (EE) System and Job Seeker Validation Code have an LAA.


203rd MPNP draw issues 284 LAAs. But who does not have an LAA in the Dec 14, 2023, MPNP draw?

If you did not get an LAA in the Manitoba 203rd MPNP draw, then the following might be 1 of the many reasons applicable:

  • Firstly, your language test results either are not valid, or you did not add a valid language test results number.
  • Secondly, your profile in the Express Entry (EE) System is no longer valid.
  • Also, for the SWO category you either have an invitation under the MPNP Strategic Recruitment Initiative or have a valid EE profile and job seeker validation code.
  • Besides, if your job profile is licensed in Manitoba then you must have apt licensure for the same.
  • Further, applicants who are selected under the SWM category with post-secondary education of the main applicant or spouse/partner must show proof of the same.


In addition, to the draw terms if you meet the above conditions then you will have an LAA. With this, you must submit a complete and error-free provincial nomination application. After getting a PNC, you can apply to IRCC for permanent residency in Canada.

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