Manitoba’s Draw: 450 Invitations Sent for PR

LAA Given to 4,979 Skilled Worker

Manitoba Draw: Expression of Interest Draw held on June 20. Hence, 450 candidates are invited as PNP for PR.

To explain, Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs), is an invitation. There are three types of streams:

  • Skilled Workers
  • Skilled Workers Overseas
  • International Education streams

Thus, LAA is sent to these streams. Above all is part of the MPNP. As a result, employers prefer applicants with skills. They also want financial growth. Likewise, 4,979 got LAAs in 2019 as follows:

  • Skilled Workers Overseas: 323
  • Skilled Workers: 101
  • International Education Stream: 26

Under the EE system, 133 got invited. As well as, job seeker code in Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations List is needed.

Firstly, selected Express Entry ones will get an extra 600 CRS score. Next, they apply for PR with an ITA. Further, in the latest Manitoba Draw, the left ones get LAA. Thus, it has a few criteria:

  • relative in Manitoba
  • Manitoba education
  • Manitoba work experience
  • 6 months experience from the list
  • language skill

The international workers and graduates get chosen by skilled ones. Also, others with full-time jobs get eligible.

Manitoba Draw EOI

Firstly, for the skilled worker, EOI is a necessary step. So, candidates choose for PNP. The candidates score based on :

  • education
  • work experience
  • language skills

The least score from the draw is:

  • Skilled Workers: 475
  • Workers Overseas: 599
  • Strategic Recruitment Initiative: 704

Previously, June 7 draw invitations are as follows:

  • Skilled Workers: 121 LAAs | Least score: 542
  • Skilled Workers Overseas: 60 LAAs | Least score: 701
  • International Education Stream: 28 LAAs given

A total of 209 LAA got issued18 were issued to candidates. Because they had valid Express Entry ID and job seeker code. Candidates had 60 days to submit an application to MPNP.

Manitoba PNP Rules 2019

Specifically, the Government releases new rules for PNP:

  • 45 years age limit
  • job offer
  • Undergraduate diploma/degree
  • 2 years of work experience
  • showing settlement Plan
  • IELTS score



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