Manitoba 162nd EOI Draw Issues 249 LAAs For Nomination

Manitoba 162nd EOI draw issues 249 LAAs for nomination

Earlier on Dec 16, 2022, Manitoba held its 162nd EOI Draw. And also selected a total of 249 applicants for PNP nomination. But, in comparison to past draws we see a fall in the issuing of LAAs. Besides, Manitoba 162nd EOI draw issues 249 LAAs for nomination.


And the draw details are as the following:

  • Firstly, 155 LAAs issued to Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM) sub-stream applicants
    • Also, the minimum draw cut-off is set at 771.
  • Secondly, 46 LAAs were issued under the International Education Stream (IES) sub-stream.
  • Also, 48 LAAs were issued to Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) sub-stream applicants.
    • And the minimum draw cut-off is set at 703.
  • Besides, out of overall 249 LAAs issued, 36 LAAs have been issued to applicants who:
    • Firstly, have an active Express Entry profile and
    • Also, a valid Job Seeker Validation Code.


MPNP EOI draws comparison hints at positive future updates

So, when we compare the 162nd MPNP EOI Draw to the 161st MPNP EOI Draw we see a fall in LAAs in the SWO category. But there is also a rise in LAAs under the SWM category and the IES.

Further, we can also see that the EOI cut-off is up by 103 points under the MPNP SWO category. Besides, we see a rise in LAAs under the MPNP SWM and IES sub-streams. Because on Dec 15, 2022, MPNP did not a hold draw for these MPNP categories. But we should be open to expect positive draw figures to come in upcoming Manitoba PNP draws soon.


Also, the table below shows the changes under these MPNP categories.

161st Manitoba EOI Draw (Dec 15, 2022) 162nd Manitoba EOI Draw (Dec 01, 2022)  

Changes in both Draws

Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM) Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) International Education Stream (IES) Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM) Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) International Education Stream (IES)
0 1,030 with an EOI cut-off of 600 0 155 with an EOI cut-off of 771 48 with an EOI cut-off of 703 46 Fall of 781 points in LAAs


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