Lowest CRS score at 713 in PNP targeted May 26 Express Entry draw

Canada sets lowest CRS score at 713 in PNP targeted May 26 Express Entry draw.

Canada issues 500 ITAs: lowest CRS score at 713 in PNP targeted May 26 Express Entry draw. Also, the CRS score is at its all-time lowest because it slipped from 752 to 713. But on the other hand, the ITAs were lower from 557 to 500 compared to last May 12 PNP Express Entry draw.

Looking at the above figures, the draw result may seem a bit negative. But it only favours the ongoing positive Canadian immigration trends. As Canada is now clearing its Express Entry pool. This means new applications will soon enter the pool. This gives a fair chance to all who wish to get a Canada PR.

Canada in its past draws targeted both PNP and CEC applicants. As a result, the remaining applicants will be getting an ITA in bulk. The upcoming ITAs will also include new applicants. So, if you want to apply for permanent residence in Canada then you must apply now. As the current time is just the right time for you.

The country is hiring skilled workers to meet its economic and labour market needs. Canada is taking measures to fast track visa application processing and keeping the visa centres running for the ease of applicants. Also, it has shared increased deadlines related to immigration programs; all this to make sure foreign applicants can apply with ease. Be it measures of 2020 or the ongoing selection in 2021, Canada is ready to accept all applications. So, are you ready to apply?

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