Lower ITAs Higher Cutoff in First NSNP Entrepreneur Draw of 2022

Lower ITAs higher cutoff in first NSNP Entrepreneur draw of 2022

Nov 01, 2022, Nova Scotia held its first Entrepreneur draw of 2022. The draw selected 6 applicants under the NSNP Entrepreneur Stream and another 6 from the NSNP International Graduate Entrepreneur stream.

The details of the same are as the following:

  • Entrepreneur Stream – 6 ITAs and draw cut-off set at 128.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur stream – 6 ITAs and cut-off set at 47.

However, this is the first time that the NSNP has conducted only 1 draw each for both the Entrepreneur Stream categories. To get an insight into draw patterns we must first make an immediate analysis with the last draw for both categories:

  • Dec 22, 2021 Entrepreneur draw – 20 ITAs and 119 cut-off.
    • In comparison, the current draw issued 14 fewer ITAs. And the cut-off is up by 9 points.
  • Dec 22, 2021, International Graduate Entrepreneur draw – 2 ITAs and 53 draw cut-off.
    • Here we see a positive update as the ITAs are up by 4 points. Also, the cut-off is lower by 6 points.

NSNP Entrepreneur Category draw trends and projections

Besides, lower ITAs higher cutoff in first NSNP Entrepreneur draw of 2022 is indicative of the impact of past draw trends. The following is the observation on the same:

Entrepreneur Immigration draws

Lower ITAs Higher Cutoff in First NSNP Entrepreneur Draw of 2022
Looking at the above data from 2018 to 2022 we can see significant changes in ITAs and the draw cut-offs. With Sep 06, 2022 draw issuing the highest number of ITAs at 46. However, the lowest cut-off was set at 91 on Jan 16, 2018. But the highest draw cut-off has been set in the current draw of Nov 01, 2022.

Further, this is the only draw with such a high draw cut-off since NSNP conducted its first such draw on Feb 19, 2016 (6 ITAs, 122 cut-off). If we look at the frequency of draws, then since the beginning of 2016 we can see a strong fall in draws post-2019.

  • 2016 – 9 draws | 2017 – 10 draws | 2018 – 9 draws | 2019 – 7 draws | 2020 – 2 draws | 2021 – 3 draws | 2022 – 1 draw.

Thus, looking at the above data, it is wise to not expect another NSNP Entrepreneur draw in 2022. Even if such a draw happens the ITAs will remain lower, and the cut-off will barely come lower.

International Graduate Entrepreneur draws

Lower ITAs Higher Cutoff in First NSNP Entrepreneur Draw of 2022
In the second sub-category International Graduate Entrepreneur of the NSNP, we see changes in the draw cut-offs. Whereas looking at the 2018-2022 data not much change is observed for ITAs issued. Because Nova Scotia Immigration:

  • Issued 5 ITAs on Sep 24, 2020. With the current November 01, 2022 draw issuing the highest 6 ITAs.
  • However, for the draw cut-offs, there are a lot of fluctuations in the draw figures.
    • With the highest cut-off landing at 68 on Nov 14, 2018. But the lowest cut-off stands at 42 on Dec 09, 2021.
  • Besides, in terms of draw frequencies there is not any common pattern that is detectable:
    •  2016 – 1 draw | 2017 – 4 draws | 2018 – 7 draws | 2019 – 3 draws | 2020 – 3 draws | 2021 – 3 draws | 2022 – 1 draw.

So, looking at the above details we can see highs and lows in draw data. Thus, helping us to say that here too we may not expect any draw for this year. Also, the probability of a draw happening at all seems very slim.

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