Latest Saskatchewan SINP EOI draw invites 286 applicants

May 06, 2021: Latest Saskatchewan SINP EOI draw invites 286 applicants.

The latest Saskatchewan SINP EOI draw invites 286 applicants under its Express Entry (EE) and Occupations in-demand streams. To qualify the applicants needed a minimum CRS score of 70. Besides in comparison to the last April 22, 2021, SINP draw, the current draw selected 27 fewer applicants.

May 06, 2021, SINP draw details:

  • Express Entry sub-stream selected 130 applicants with a CRS score requirement of 70.
  • Occupations in-demand sub-stream selected 139 applicants with a CRS score requirement of 70.

Saskatchewan under the SINP selects applicants to fill its labour market needs. Because Canada has a large ageing population as a result the young generation is less in number. This means Canada does not have adequate people to fill its vacant job positions, Thus, it heavily focuses on hiring skilled foreign immigrants.

Looking at the graph of SINP draws we can see rise and fall effect which varies from draw to draw. SINP selects applicants under its 2 sub-streams Express Entry and Occupation in-demand. So, when we look closely at it the CRS score is constant. But the number of ITAs sees a few points rise and fall. This may seemworrying but in reality is a very normal fluctuation which only hints at good prospects. As someone who wishes to apply for permanent residence in Canada you must apply now.

As SINP is selecting applicants may be with variations but soon the numbers will go up. Apply now and get quick and easy Canada PR. On top of that if you apply through the SINP Express Entry sub-stream then you will get an extra 600 CRS score. This score is awarded against your valid and active EE profile. Thus, it increases your chances of getting an ITA for Canada PR.

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