Latest Quebec Arrima draw invites 208 applicants

March 30, 2021, the latest Quebec Arrima draw invites 208 applicants. 

Quebec held its 2nd draw of the year where the latest Quebec Arrima draw invites 208 applicants. The selected applicants can now apply for permanent selection. Also, the applicants have been selected:

  • Under the Regular Skilled Worker Program
  • Applicants had submitted an Expression on Interest (EOI) profile in the Arrima portal.
  • Also, met 1 of the following terms:
    • Had a valid job offer from Quebec.
    • An applicant who is in Quebec as a:
      • diplomat, counsellor, united nations representative, or
      • Any other intergovernmental representative with office and staff in the province.

Besides, in comparison to the 1st Quebec draw of 2021, the current draw selected 110 more applicants. 

Quebec immigration works parallel to Canada’s immigration system. As it has its own immigration pathways to offer a permanent selection for permanent residence in Canada. To apply for PR through Quebec you must apply to the province’s Arrima portal. This portal is introduced in 2018 to process RSWP applications.

If you want to apply for permanent selection through RSWP then you must:

  • Firstly, submit an EOI through the Arrima portal.
  • Secondly, meet the terms of the RSWP.

MIFI will then invite you based on the data you submit. Looking at the strength of your application i.e the skill set, education, work experiences etc Quebec will assess if you can benefit the province or not. If the provinces sees that you can meet its labour market and economic needs then you will get an invite to apply for permanent selection. But you must submit an application for permanent selection within 60 days of getting this invitation. After that, you can apply to IRCC for Canada PR.

Quebec is all set to select 47,500 applicants in 2021 as per Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan.

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