Latest PEI PNP draw selects 104 applicants to apply for nomination

Latest PEI PNP draw selects 104 applicants to apply for nomination

Oct 19, 2023: The latest PEI PNP draw selects 104 applicants to apply for nomination. The island selected these applicants under the:

  • Business Work Permit – 2 applicants have a PNP invitation.
  • Labour & Express Entry – 102 applicants have a PNP invitation.


In addition, the Critical Worker and Express Entry invitations have been given to people who:

  • Firstly, have a minimum EOI score of 51.
  • Secondly, are working for a PEI employer.


Besides, as per the last Sep 21, 2023 PEI PNP draw we can see the following changes in the current draw:

  • Overall, invitations are lower by 53 points.
  • Business Work Permit invitations are lower by 2 points.
  • Also, the Labour and Express Entry invitations are lower by 51.


So, we can come to the conclusion in the current draw there is a fall in the selection of applicants. However, looking at past draws of 2023, we can see that such a fluctuation is consistent. And we should expect the numbers to positively change in the upcoming draws.

The draw patterns are a key factor which helps in assessing future results. PEI PNP has been showcasing mixed results. However, the pattern of changes in invitations is to an extent similar. And we may say that the current Oct 17, 2023, draw sees 53 points fall in invitations. But past PEI draws such as July 20, 2023 and Aug 17, 2023, show how the invites jump from 102 to 146. 

So, a fall in invitations does not necessarily imply the repetition of the same in succession. As a result, anyone who wishes to move to Canada via the ever-alluring Express Entry + PEI PNP draw should do so immediately. As the current option, is now the new favourite of foreign immigrants to reach Canada.

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