Latest OINP Tech draw issues 1115 fewer NOIs

July 06, 2023: Latest OINP Tech draw issues 1115 fewer NOIs

Latest OINP Tech draw issues 1115 fewer NOIs on July 06, 2023. The current OINP Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream draw issued 748 NOIs with a qualifying CRS score range of 479-485. Also, applicants who have an NOI in this draw created their Express Entry (EE) profile between July 6, 2022 – July 6, 2023. Besides, as the current OINP draw is a Tech draw, 748 applicants come under the following occupations:

  • Computer and information systems managers – NOC 20012
  • Data Scientists – NOC 21211
  • Database analysts and data administrators – NOC 21223
  • Computer systems developers – NOC 21230
  • Software engineers and designers – NOC 21231
  • Software developers and programmers – NOC 21232
  • Web designers – NOC 21233
  • Web developers and programmers – NOC 21234
  • Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) – NOC 21311


In the current draw, we can see a fall of 1115 points in issuing of NOIs. But this is clear in comparison with the last OINP Tech draw of May 05, 2023:

Date NOIs CRS score range Date NOIs CRS score range NOIs Change CRS score range change
May-05-2023 1863 475-482 July-06-2023 748 479-485 1115 04-03 points

2023 OINP Four Tech draws see consistent rise and fall in NOIs

However, in 2023, Ontario conducted four OINP Express Entry Tech draws. And a total of 8,499 applicants have a Notification of Interest (NOI) for the same. Besides, we can see the rise and fall in draw figures by looking at the past OINP Tech draws such as:

Date NOIs CRS score range
July-06-2023 748 479-485
May-05-2023 1863 475-482
Mar-10-2023 815 479-489
Feb-02-2023 1127 481-489


Thus, we can see that with each dip in a draw, the next draw issues a higher number of NOIs. As a result, we should expect the number to go up in the next upcoming OINP Tech draws.

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