Latest MPNP EOI draw issues 205 ITAs

On Nov 05, the latest MPNP EOI draw issues 205 ITAs. Out of 205 ITAs 7 were issued to applicants with a  valid Express Entry (EE) profile and a Job Seeker Validation Code.

Manitoba recently shared its latest details and on Nov 05 the latest MPNP EOI draw issues 205 ITAs. Applicants were selected from 3 MPNP streams such as:

Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM)

  • 166 applicants selected
  • CRS score requirement – 461

International Education Stream (IES)

  • 23 applicants selected

Skilled Workers Overseas

  • 16 applicants selected directly under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative.
  • CRS score requirement – 708

Out of 205 ITAs 7 were issued to applicants who had a valid Express Entry ID and Job Seeker Validation Code.

In comparison to the Oct 22 MPNP EOI draw, in the Nov 5 MPNP EOI draw:

  • SWM – 5 more applicants selected. CRS score up by 86 points.
  • IES – 7 less applicants selected.
  • SWO – 1 more applicant selected. CRS score down by 63 points.

Latest MPNP EOI draw issues 205 ITAs. Did you get an ITA?

If you get an ITA in this draw, then it means you:

  • Have applied to MPNP under 1 of its sub-streams such as:
    • SWM
    • IES
    • SWO
  • Also, have submitted an EOI profile and
  • Meet the EOI terms for the same.
  • Finally have the qualifying CRS score.

Besides, looking at the current and past draws there is a strong rise in selection applicants. Even though the CRS score is going slightly up and down but the selection of applicants is going up. Thus, if you want to apply to MPNP for permanent residence in Canada then apply now. Because looking at Canada’s positive immigration trends and draws we are seeing a rise in the selection of applicants and fall in the CRS score requirement. Thus, right now is the time to get a quick and easy Canada visa.

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