Latest Arrima draw invites 83 applicants for permanent selection

April 29, 2021: Latest Arrima draw invites 83 applicants for permanent selection

Quebec under the latest Arrima draw invites 83 applicants for permanent selection. The April 20, 2021 draw is the 3rd Arrima draw of the month and selected 83 applicants. But in comparison to the last March 30, 2021 Arrima draw, the current draw selected 125 fewer applicants. Such a drop is not new for the province due to its irregular patterns of holding draws. Also, it is comparatively difficult to qualify for Quebec than other Canadian immigration pathways. However, if you have the skills, knowledge, experience and language skills then you can apply for Canada PR.

If you received an ITA in this draw, then it means you:

  • Applied to the Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP).
    • To do so submitted an EOI to the Arrima portal.
  • Also, have a valid job offer from Quebec.

Besides, as of now, the province has selected a total of 286 applicants. And looking at the upcoming draws we can see a rise and fall in the selection of applicants. Because unlike other Canadian programs/provinces Quebec acts alone to fulfil its labour market and immigration needs. The effect of positive trends is a bit less in this province. Whereas the rest of Canada is showing high positive trends in immigration. This means a huge number of ITAs are being issued and the CRS score is going lower. As a result, Canada is widely opening its doors to new applicants. Under its 4 Immigration classes, Canada is selecting 401,000 applicants. 

So, if you want to get Canada PR then apply now. As the right time is now and is here. All you have to do is choose the immigration stream that best suits your needs.  Apply now for a Canada PR. Free AssessmentContact Us to know more.

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