June 24 OINP Entrepreneur draw selects 24 applicants

On June 24 OINP Entrepreneur draw selects 24 applicants. To qualify applicants needed an EOI score between 134 and 200.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) helps Ontario get skilled workers and entrepreneurs. This program also helps selected applicants get a nomination for permanent residence in Canada. Besides, this is a 3rd OINP Entrepreneur stream draw this year. Up till now, the stream has selected 70 applicants to apply for a Canada PR

If you too received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in this draw, then it means:

  • Firstly, you applied to the Entrepreneur stream of the OINP.
  • Secondly, you meet the program terms such as:
    • Business experience
    • Net worth
    • Personal investment funds and equity
    • Active involvement in your business
    • Run business to earn profit
    • Create jobs for permanent residents and Canadians
  • Also, your proposed business meets the program terms such as:
    • Business purpose
    • Meet Canada and Ontario laws and regulations
    • Permanent business
    • Based in Ontario
  • Besides, you must meet the EOI terms such as:
    • Human Capital Factors
    • Investment Factors
    • Business Concept
  • Further, have a minimum EOI score between 134 and 200.

OINP Entrepreneur draw selects 24 applicants
as per the above factors. The province realises its need for hiring skilled workers and getting skilled businessmen to grow its market and economy. Thus, OINP helps the province select workers who have the skills, experience, and knowledge. Also, OINP gives them a chance to apply for Canadian permanent residence. As a result, applicants selected in the June 24 draw must apply to OINP within 30 days of receiving an invitation.

Besides, looking at the past 2 draws on April 22 and Feb 26 we can see a slight change in requirement for EOI score and selection of people.  However, as this only the 3rd draw of the year, it is too soon to predict future outcomes.

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