June 19 MPNP draw invites 181 applicants

Manitoba held its 92nd MPNP draw. The June 19 MPNP draw invites 181 applicants from its Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM), International Education Stream (IES) and Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) streams.

June 19 MPNP draw invites 181 applicants to apply for nomination for permanent residence in Canada. Manitoba issued Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA) to these qualifying applicants. Manitoba issued the following number of LAA’s:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM) – 11
  • International Education Stream (IES) – 58
  • Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) streams -12

Besides out of 181 LAA’s issued 10 were issued to applicants with valid Express Entry (EE) ID and Job Seeker Validation Code.

As on now, MPNP has issued 2,335 LAA’s to applicants.

June 19 MPNP draw invites 181 applicants as per its EOI system

Manitoba selects applicants as per its Expression of Interest (EOI) System. Thus, if you want to apply to MPNP then you must submit an EOI. Even though an EOI is not a formal application but it does express your interest to apply for the program. So, you can apply to MPNP under one of the 2 streams such as SWM and SWO. After submitting an EOI through your stream, MPNP will assess and rank your profile as per its Human Capital terms such as age, language skills, education level, work experience, Manitoba connection, etc.

Besides to qualify in the June 19, 92nd MPNP draw applicants needed a 504 qualifying score for SWM. Whereas for SWO they needed a score of 686.

Looking at the MPNP draw trends the June 4 MPNP draw and June 12 MPNP draw have positive differences such as: 

Stream June 4 – 91st MPNP draw June 19 – 92nd MPNP draw Change
LAA issued CRS score LAA issued CRS score
SWM 84 523 111 504 LAA up by 27

CRS drop by 19 points

IES 19 N. A 12 N. A LAA up by 7
SWO 21 703 58 686 LAA up by 37

CRS drop by 17 points

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