June 15 BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration draw invites 9 applicants

Canada Immigration: June 15 BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration draw invites 9 applicants

As per the current update on June 15 BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration draw invites 9 applicants. Also, to qualify the applicants needed a minimum CRS score of 126. Besides, applicants have been selected from the Base Category of the Entrepreneur Immigration stream of the BC PNP.

In comparison to the last Feb 02 BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category draw, the current draw selected 1 more applicant. However, the CRS score is up by 4 points. But such figures are of no worry to anyone who is looking forward to getting a Canada PR.

If you wish to live, study, work and settle in Canada then right now is the best time. Because Canada is selecting a huge number of applicants. 

BC PNP’s Entrepreneur Immigration category helps applicants to set up/buy and run a business in the province. The program will select applicants who bring new skills to the business environment and market. And create job opportunities, foster innovation, and increase overall productivity.

Looking at the past draws, the current draw figure is very positive. And we can expect the upcoming draws to select a similar number of applicants. So, if you want to apply for a Canada PR then go ahead and apply the right way. Because 1 small error can cost you your dream of living successfully in Canada. Thus, why take a chance on your own? Let the immigration experts guide you towards getting a quick and easy Canada visa.

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