July 2022 to see IRCC restarting Express Entry FSW and CEC draws

July 2022 to see IRCC Restarting Express Entry FSW and CEC Draws

Canada Immigration major announcement – Honourable Minister Sean Fraser announces the restarting of Express Entry (EE) FSW and CEC draws in July.

Such a decision comes in the wake of the huge application backlog in the EE System. A glance at it shows that there were around 111,900 pending applications in Sep 2021. However, this number was cut in half up to 48,000 by Mar 2022. So, we can expect this number to further fall in July 2022.

Besides, the minister also shared that IRCC will be working towards reaching back to its ideal application processing time. As a result, we can expect the applications to be processed within 6 months.

In addition, to the above, a new temporary policy has been introduced for international students. As per this international students whose valid status in Canada is expiring can now stay in Canada longer. And can add to their work experience to further qualify for permanent residency in Canada.

On this note, international students who have a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) that is expiring between Jan-Dec 2022 will now be able to avail of another work permit of up to 18 months. To do the same, the immigration minister will soon release the details of a simplified process to fast-track the processing of such applications.

Canada has been facing a huge challenge in retaining skilled workers. And this has been an issue since the pandemic period. Post that many new policies, updates and programs have been introduced. But only mixed results have been seen.

July 2022 to see IRCC restarting Express Entry FSW and CEC draws. An effort to meet increasing labour market needs.

In today’s; time, the country has a job vacancy rate standing at 912,580 (Q3 2022). And this is despite Canada seeing a low unemployment rate. It clearly shows the inability to retain skilled workers to meet the labour market needs and grow the economy.

A glance at the past IRCC performance shows the following:

  • 157,000 international students received their Canada PR in 2021.
    • Besides, 88,000 have PGWP and moved to get Canada PR status approval.
  • 156,000 PR application approval between Jan and Mar 2022.
    • This is a doubled figure in comparison to the Q1 of 2021.
    • In Q1 the country welcomed around 113,000 PR holders in 2022.
  • Double-figure processing of work permit applications brings the number to 100,000.
    • The increase in the figures is significant in comparison to Q1 2021.
  • Introduction of the temporary public policy allowing foreign nationals on a visitor status to get employer-specific status.
    • They can apply for the same without leaving Canada.
    • The policy is valid till Feb 28, 2023.
  • Processing of temporary to permanent residence pathway applications.
    • However, the program is no longer taking new applications since Nov 2021.
    • But the processing of applications continues.

Despite all the efforts Canada is seeing a record-breaking need for foreign skilled workers. And thus, the new policy changes introduced will breathe fresh air into the Canadian labour market.

The positive updates are as follows:

  • During application processing, applicants can choose to not stay in Canada.
  • During the processing of Canada PR applications, applicants who apply for an open work permit will get a work permit which is valid up till the end of 2024.
  • Under the family reunifications pathway, the main applicant’s family members who have been listed in the application can now get their work permit.

No immigrants No growth for the Canadian economy

A country that always tops the list of the best countries to settle in is facing a huge fall in the inflow of immigrants. This is because of IRCC’s inability to fast track the Canada visa application processing.

July 2022 to see IRCC restarting Express Entry FSW and CEC draws and other IRCC updates are an attempt to revive the inflow of immigrants. Everyone is aware of the issues of Canadian Populus. The old-age demographic is higher as a result there is a higher number of empty job positions. With a lack of Canadian or permanent residents to fill them.

In such a case, Canada is growing its economy through the skills, hard work and commitment of foreign immigrants. So, for July 2022 to see IRCC restarting Express Entry FSW and CEC draws does not surprise us at all. Rather it is an extension of an earlier promise made by the minister to do the same.

As a result, we can see the ministry upholding its promises to the country and Canada aspirants.

Canada immigration Overview: A hope of increased selection of applicants

July 2022 to see IRCC restarting Express Entry FSW and CEC draws. Before that, you must get to know the current Canadian immigration situation leading to this update. And how Canada is taking a turn toward meeting its Immigration Levels Target of 431,645 (2022). Read the following articles below:

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