Joint Assistance Program

Sponsor a refugee with special needs

Under the Joint Assistance Program (JAS), the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) works with organizations to help resettle refugees with special needs.

Because refugees with special needs may need help and support than other refugees. Also, special needs refer to:

  • trauma from violence or torture,
  • medical disabilities,
  • the effects of systemic discrimination, or
  • a large number of family members.

Besides, as per the JAS program, the government and a private sponsor help resettle refugees for up to 24 months. Also, this depends on a case by case basis. Because in some cases, the private sponsor may have to support for up to 36 months.

Income support from the Canada government helps cover for:

  • Food,
  • Shelter,
  • Clothing, and
  • Basic household goods.

Besides, all refugees are first matched with private sponsorship groups. After that, they must help refugees settle in Canada by giving them emotional and settlement support.

Terms to Sponsor a refuge under the JAS program

To qualify to sponsor refugees under the Joint Assistance Sponsorship, an organization must be either a sponsorship agreement holder (SAH)  or a constituent group of a SAH, who can sponsor under the agreement.

Also, to become a SAH, an organisation must be legally established (incorporated). Besides, a SAH can any local, regional or national organisation. And will handle the responsibility of all sponsorships that come under it as per the agreement. However, a SAH must be in the community where the refugee or refugee family will be resettling.

Under its agreement, SAH can authorize other groups in the community to sponsor refugees. So, these groups are also known as constituent groups. 

As the Joint Assistance Program helps refugees with special needs. And thus the community in which refugees will resettle must be able to give services to meet their special needs.