ITAs Slip Majorly in Third Express Entry French Category Draw

ITAs Slip Majorly in Third Express Entry French Category Draw

August 02, 2023: Canada holds the latest Express Entry category-based draw for applicants from the French Language Category. Also, 800 applicants have an ITA for Canada PR if they match or exceed the CRS cut-off of 435. But we can see the ITAs majorly slip in Third Express Entry French Category draw compared to the past 2 such draws.

Besides, the tie-breaking applicable to the current draw is July 31, 2023, at 09:57:30 UTC. Apart from matching the CRS cut-off, applicants also need to meet the following criterion:

  • Have a minimum French Language Skill Level of NCLC 4.
    • But to show the same applicants must have undergone the following language exams – TCF or TEF.

Further, the current draw is the third French Language Category-based draw. And up till now 6900 French Language Category applicants have received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency visa. Besides, in comparison to the past 2 such draws we can see major changes such as:

Date Invitations CRS Cut-off
August 2, 2023 800 435
July 12, 2023 3,800 375
July 7, 2023 2,300 439

ITAs Slip Majorly in Third Express Entry French Category Draw

Looking at the above draw details and graph bars, we can see in the Aug 02, 2023, Third Express Entry French Category draw:

Scope and Impact of Express Entry Category-Based draws on future draw figures

The current draw may look a bit concerning. But overall Canada is seeing a rise in the selection of applicants. Also, such changes are not only normal but expected. Because now Canada has expanded the draw types and frequency of conducting draws. As a result, we will see a rise in ITAs but across multiple EE draw types such as:

  1. General draw
  2. FSW draw
  3. FST draw
  4. CEC draw
  5. PNP draw
  6. Category-based draw


So, technically, your options of getting an invitation to apply for permanent residency are higher. However, we also can not ignore the industry speculations regarding the feasibility of the same. It is being argued that the expansion of draw types shall lead to the selection of people in small pockets with no clarity on when and how an applicant will be selected for PR. Also, Canada is still showing positive immigration trends, so is it either wise to stay in the EE pool and wait for the EE draw type that best suits your chances of selection or one should employ methods to increase their CRS score and exit the EE pool as soon as possible?


As ITAs Slip Majorly in Third Express Entry French Category Draw on Aug 02, 2023, now the conversation regarding the same shall fuel on. But anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada must not go by hearsay. All they need to do is Connect with a CICC Licensed Canada Immigration Consultant for complete guidance on the best permanent residency option for them.


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