ITAs fall by 44 points in new PNP draw held by PEI

Aug 18, 2022: ITAs fall by 44 points in new PNP draw held by PEI

Prince Edward Island shared details for its newly held PNP draw. In this draw, the province invited 121 applicants. The applicants who applied to the following sub-streams have an ITA in this draw:

  • Business Work Permit stream – 4 invites and qualifying EOI score is 97.
  • Labour and Express Entry stream – 117 invites.

In comparison to last July 21, 2022, PEI PNP draw, we are seeing a sudden dip in the draw figures. The same can be confirmed from the figures below:

  • Business Work Permit stream – ITAs have fallen by 23 points. Also, the qualifying EOI score is up by 37 points.
  • Labour and Express Entry stream – ITAs are lower by 21 points.
  • Overall, ITAs fall by 44 points in new PNP draw held by PEI.

However, looking at the past draw figures, such a dip is very normal. The 2021 figures and 2022 draw figures up till now show that such a change in draw figures is very normal. And the figures will be higher in a draw or two.

Applicants who have an ITA under the PEI PNP Express Entry Stream have an added benefit in claiming permanent residency in Canada. Because the PEI PNP is linked with the Express Entry (EE) System. As a result, the province according to its labour market needs can select applicants from the EE pool.

So, if you have the right skills that PEI is seeking then they will surely select you for nomination. And once you get a provincial nomination certificate you can apply to IRCC for a Canada PR Visa.

A splendid treat for the EE profile holders.

Express Entry PNP Pathway for Immigrating to Canada gains popularity!

Lately, everyone has been drawn toward the EE PNP pathway for immigrating to Canada. Not that people were not following the same. But with the resuming of EE draws from July 06, 2022, the CRS cut-off is higher and is slowly receding with each draw. But it will take a month or two for the cut-off to dip to near 400. Read more about the latest Aug 17, 2022, EE all-program draw here

As a result, EE applicants are now all the more choosing the Express Entry + PNP pathway. Because, when you get a nomination from a province your CRS rank in the EE pool increases by 600 points. For example, if your CRS rank is 350, by obtaining a nomination you will add 600 points to your rank. This makes your overall CRS rank reach 950. And we can all see how the prospects of getting ITA for a Canada PR increase tremendously.

ITAs fall by 44 points in new PNP draw held by PEI. Still, procrastinating about applying? Why trouble yourself so much? Contact Us and talk to an expert immigration counsellor now. You can also take our Free Assessment to know if you qualify to apply for a Canadian Immigration Pathway.

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