Is Getting Masters Degree from Canada One of the Best Choices for 2024?

Is Getting Masters Degree from Canada One of the Best Choices for 2024?

Education is the stepping stone to a rewarding career overseas. When one thinks of overseas education, Canada is the first choice that pops up in every international student’s mind. But lately, with all the changes and updates related to study permits have been the talk of the time. Up till now you too must have heard about the same. In such a situation, one might want to know Is getting Masters degree from Canada one of the best choices for 2024?


One must wonder what about bachelor’s degrees or diplomas. They can continue to apply but must curate an error-free visa application. Keeping in mind all regulations now applicable to them. However, the emphasis on Canadian master’s degrees in this blog post is because Master’s and PhD degree applicants are:

  • Firstly, are exempt from the 350,000 cap on international student intake.
  • Secondly, will get a 3-year PGWP for a study program of more than 8 months.
  • Also, will be able to sponsor their spouse for a spousal open work permit without any restrictions.
  • Besides, do not need a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL).
    • This means masters and PhD students need not worry.

So, when the rest of the international students will have to plan a long way if they wish to settle in Canada beyond their study visa completion; you can easily sail through your study visa journey and beyond with ease.


Getting a Master’s degree from Canada is the best choice in 2024.

Looking at the above details, getting a masters degree from Canada is one of the best choices for 2024. So, how can you not make the most of this golden opportunity right now?

All you need to do is:

  • Firstly, choose the study program that best suits your needs.
  • Secondly, apply to the University/College of your choice.
  • Also, after getting a Letter of Approval (LOA) directly apply for a Canada study visa.


In just 3 steps you can move to Canada on a study visa. Sponsor your spouse or dependent children to move to Canada. Later get a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) and with your Canadian work experience finally get a Canada PR visa.

Canada is legit levelling the battlefield in terms of getting a Canada Study Visa. As below post-graduate level applicants have to be wise and make a sound visa application, you as a master’s/PhD applicant need not worry about any regulations.

As a result, your chances of getting a Canada Study Permit are high. So, apply from the Sep 2024 intake now!

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