IRCC to soon launch new immigration program for canada in 2022

IRCC to soon launch new immigration program for Canada in 2022

Canada is currently in process of launching a new immigration pathway for foreign skilled workers. Also, this program will help temporary workers and international students to quickly get Canada PR.

However, this program may seem the same as the Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence (TR2PR) pathway. The minister assured that the ministry was looking forward to introducing the best and most feasible immigration program possible. This move comes after the honourable immigration minister Sean Fraser was mandated to expand the immigration pathways for PR for international students and permanent residents.

As a result, the minister in 120 days is responsible to issue details of the new immigration pathway framework. Such a mandate comes after the motion passed in the Canadian House of Commons. The new framework will fast-track the processing of permanent residency applications.

IRCC to soon launch new immigration program for Canada in 2022In addition, we can expect the new immigration program details to be out by Sep 08, 2022.

Bill C-19 in motion IRCC to start unrolling new updated draws

As per recent updates, IRCC is resuming Express Entry FSW, and CEC draws. And will also be considering occupation-related draws. The bill that is currently in motion after becoming law will allow IRCC to select applicants from the pool as per the occupational demand, French-speaking ability and or education level as per the economic needs of the country.

This pattern is a slight extension of the earlier pattern of the selection of applicants. IRCC due to a huge rise in the job vacancy rate and the fall of the unemployment rate is now focusing on selecting applicants as per such factors. However, the earlier pattern too shall be followed parallel to the newly introduced changes.

As a result, everyone has a chance to claim permanent residency in Canada. Besides, IRCC is going to update the parliament on every draw decision it takes. And will have to give a detailed report regarding the factors behind the selection of applicants in each draw. And how it meets the country’s economic goals.

Looking at all such updates, we can expect Canada to meet its Immigration Levels Target 2022 very soon.

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