IRCC to issue 500000 Canada visas in summer 2022

IRCC to issue 500000 Canada visas in summer 2022

In summer Canada is actively chasing its 2022 immigration levels target of 431,645. Also, with the latest updates pouring in the country is all set to select 500000 people this summer.

This move comes after the lifting of all major travel restrictions. Now this will help Canada to fill up its 1 million job vacancies. Also, this will Canada to continue getting foreign skilled workers, meet labour market needs, and grow the economy.

During the pandemic, Canada closed its borders. As a result, a lot of foreign talent was not able to enter the Canadian workforce. This created a gap in the labour market and resulted in a huge Canada visa application backlog.

Even though IRCC was processing Canadian visa applications, it was not able to keep its goal of a visa processing period of 6 months. But despite all adversity, Canada saw a huge pool of people get selected in 2021. This led Canada to break its immigration target of 401,000. And we can expect the same for 2022.

This summer Canada is expecting to select up to 130,000 people as permanent residents of Canada. And the same can be verified from the latest IRCC updates on improving the Express Entry (EE) System process. This means more applicants will now get an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR in the upcoming draws of July.

In Q1 2021, Canada invited 74,000 people for PR. Whereas in Q1 2022, this figure was up by 60% – 114,000. In addition, in Q3 2021, 123,000 people have an ITA for PR between July and September. And now we can expect up to 100000 to 120,000 PR visa application approvals in Q3 2022.

IRCC to issue 500000 Canada visas in summer 2022. Apply now! Free Assessment. Contact Us.

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