IRCC to Introduce New Language Test by 2023 for Canada Immigration

IRCC to introduce new language test by 2023 for Canada Immigration

Canada as per new immigration updates coming in has approved the inclusion of a new language proficiency test. Also, this test will be fully implemented by early or the mid of 2023.

The aim is to improve the language testing framework for better transparency in the process of assessment. Currently, IRCC has the right to choose a designated organisation for language testing. Also, it is free to enter into a contract with any of the interested organisations.

Besides, currently, Canada accepts the following designated organisations such as:

  • For English – IELTS and CELPIP
  • For French – TCF and TEF

As per IRCC the reason for this approval is because earlier in the pandemic there were issues in running the immigration process smoothly. However, there is a huge interest in organisations that hold language tests that have piqued the interest of IRCC to make improvements to the current framework.

The Canadian body is all set to make updates to the current system in the upcoming 12 months. This will only help more testing bodies to get the designation. Moreover, as of now, there is no limit to the designation of organisations. Another reason for such improvements is the vagueness of the roles and responsibilities given to the language department at the IRCC. There is a mix of documentation work, implementation of new policies and data management work. As a result, the current process is complex and tedious.

Thus, IRCC will soon sign a contract with the new testing body. But IRCC will release the name of the body in near future. As of now, such updates are out. IRCC to introduce new language test by 2023 for Canada immigration. But that too has its fair share of preparation that is going on at the moment.

CLB Vs CEFR – Language results assessment

IRCC to introduce new language test by 2023 for Canada Immigration. But it will also have to balance the CLB framework with the new designated body. For the same IRCC is looking at the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). Because it scores applicants as per A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 scales.

Currently, for English – CLB and French – NCLC benchmark is in use. So, as per the scores/bands range you get in your language results accordingly you get a CLB/NCLC level. With the introduction of a new language testing body, IRCC will have to align the same for both English and French respectively.

So, applicants applying for Canada PR can benefit from the same. This new move will further help foreign workers to easily get Canada PR. Besides, this will raise their options to increase their chances of getting an ITA for a PR visa.

So, make use of these non-stop immigration updates. Such updates say that Canada will meet its target of selecting 431645 people in 2022. Thus, do not lose this opportunity in procrastinating. Make your move now.

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