IRCC to implement NOC 2021 on Nov 16 how will it affect Express Entry System?

Canada Immigration: IRCC to implement NOC 2021 on Nov 16 how will it affect Express Entry System?

Canada is all set to switch from NOC 2016 1.3 to NOC 2021 1.0. Yes, IRCC to implement NOC 2021 on Nov 16 how will it affect Express Entry System? To know the same, we must first understand what is the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

The NOC is a system by which Canada divides occupations into different groups as per:

  • Job duties.
  • Duties a person will perform.

As per this, each job profile is given a 4-digit code. Under this code, we see the job description, job duties, and educational requirements needed to perform the job.

For immigration purposes, Canada sees the NOC Code to assess, if an applicant qualifies for an immigration pathway or not. Because Canada is looking for skilled workers (NOC 2016 – Skill Level 0, A, and or B), thus it must focus on selecting the same. If your job profile does not come under the required NOC Level then you may not qualify for a specific Canadian immigration pathway.

Canada to switch from NOC 2016 (Skill Level 0, A, B, C, and D) to NOC 2021 (TEER 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Canada is changing the NOC 2016 to NOC 2021 version. Because every 5 years Canada updates the NOC to accommodate more job occupations. So that it can better meet the labour market needs of the country.

On this note, IRCC is all set to introduce NOC 2016 on Nov 16, 2022.
As a result, immigration programs will see their eligibility terms change as per the new update. This means that certain occupations will become eligible for certain immigration programs whereas some will no longer be eligible.

This is because the earlier NOC 2016 divided job profiles as per NOC 0, A, B, C, and D. Whereas the NOC 2021 classify them under the TEER System. The NOC 2021 will have the following updates in comparison to the NOC 2016:

  • NOC Skill Level 0 ⇒ TEER 0 | NOC Skill Level A ⇒ TEER 1 | NOC Skill Level B ⇒ TEER 2 and TEER 3 | NOC Skill Level C ⇒ TEER 4 | NOC Skill Level D ⇒ TEER 5
  • The above details show how the NOC 2016 will transition to the new NOC 2021 TEER System.
    • Mostly job profiles will stick to the new TEER category closely matching its skill level.
    • However, there might be some job profiles that may move to a different TEER category.
    • Such as Skill Level B profiles may move to TEER 2 or TEER 3 category.
  • In addition, we will see the NOC code will change from 4 digits to 5 digits.

What impact will the NOC 2021 have on the Express Entry (EE) System?

IRCC to implement NOC 2021 on Nov 16 how will it affect Express Entry System; is by making certain job profiles ineligible to apply. Yes, as per the new update just like the previous NOC structure your kob profile must come under an eligible NOC skill level. As per the NOC 2016 version applicants whose occupations come under NOC Skill Level 0, A, or B could apply to the Express Entry (EE) System.

But now as per the NOC 2021 update applicants whose job profiles come under TEER 1, 2, and 3 qualify for the EE System. However, as per the new update, 16 occupations that were earlier ineligible under the EE System are eligible. 

NOC 2016 update – 16 Occupations eligible under the EE System

Job Profile NOC 2016 Skill Level NOC 2021 TEER Level
Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors 9521 C 93200 3
Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators 7512 C 73301 3
By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers 4423 C 43202 3
Correctional service officers 4422 C 43201 3
Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants 3223 B 33100 3
Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants 4413 C 43100 3
Estheticians, electrologists and related occupations 6562 C 63211 3
Heavy equipment operators 7521 C 73400 3
Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates 3413 C 33102 3
Other repairers and servicers 7445 C 73209 3
Payroll administrators 1432 C 13102 3
Pest controllers and fumigators 7444 C 73202 3
Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants 3219 B 33103 3
Residential and commercial installers and servicers 7441 C 73200 3
Sheriffs and bailiffs 4421 C 43200 3
Transport truck drivers 7511 C 73300 3

3 occupations ineligible for the EE System

Job Profile NOC 2016 Skill Level NOC 2021 TEER Level
Other performers 5232 B 55109 5
Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness 5254 B 54100 4
Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and milliners 6342 B 64200 4

IRCC to implement NOC 2021 on Nov 16 how will it affect Express Entry System? Will the new update affect existing Express Entry (EE) profiles?

Another question under the IRCC to implement NOC 2021 on Nov 16 is how will it affect Express Entry System. What will happen to the existing EE profiles? So, as per the new update, the 3 occupations listed above will become ineligible for the EE System. Thus, if your EE profile lists the NOC code for the same then you will have to either show experience for an eligible profile or see if you qualify for any other Canadian immigration pathway such as the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Whereas people who wish to apply to the EE system must meet the terms such as:

  • Be eligible and apply under 1 of the EE sub-streams such as:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Also, meet Human Capital Factors such as:
    • Age
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • Language Skills
  • Besides, match EE draw cut-off to get an ITA for Canada PR.

Who can qualify for Canada PR under the EE System?

When you apply to the EE System through the EE sub-stream you qualify to apply for; your profile enters an Express Entry (EE) pool. The EE pool is where applications from all the EE sub-streams gather and get a CRS rank as per the information shared in them. Canada holds periodic draws to select the high-ranking profiles from the pool and gives them an Invitation to Apply for a Canada PR visa.

However, IRCC can choose to hold an all-program draw or target specific categories such as:

  • FST draw
  • CEC draw
  • Draw targeting PNP applicants

After getting an ITA in an EE draw you must submit a complete PR visa application with all supporting documents. Further, IRCC will process your visa application, if successful, you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

Did you know Canada is going to select up to 431,645 applicants for Canada PR in 2022? If you too wish to get the same then apply now! 

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