IRCC invites 2000 PR applicants in new Express Entry draw

IRCC invites 2000 PR applicants in new Express Entry draw

Canada Immigration Updates: IRCC invites 2000 PR applicants in new Express Entry draw on August 01, 2023. The current draw is an Express Entry all-program draw which means applicants from FSW, FST CEC or PNP have an ITA provided if they:

  • Meet the CRS cut-off of 517.

Besides, the tie-breaking rule applicable to the current draw is set at June 30, 2023, at 11:45:05 UTC.

Moreover, in comparison to the last similar draw on July 11, 2023, we can see some major positive updates:

  • Firstly, in the current draw, 1200 more PR applicants have an ITA.
  • Secondly, after seeing a drop in invites in the past 2 consecutive draws, now we are seeing a positive change.
  • But in the current draw, the CRS cut-off is up by 12 points.

However, looking at the current draw we can assess that more applicants will get an ITA for Canada PR visa. This means applicants who wish to apply for permanent residency must begin doing so now.

2023 Express Entry draw updates up till now!

  • Overall, in 2023, IRCC issued 71,148 invites,
  • For Express Entry All Program draws – 56,400 ITAs.
  • FSW – 3300 ITAs.
  • FST – N.A
  • CEC – N.A
  • PNP – 2,848 ITAs.
  • Express Entry Category Based draws – 8,600 ITAs.

The Express Entry (EE) System is Canada’s most famous pathway for permanent residency. It is an application management system, which manages PR applications under FSW, FST and CEC categories. In addition, the EE System helps Canada process Canada PR applications in 6-8 months’ time. Earlier due to the pandemic and recovery period IRCC was struggling to get back to this stipulated processing timeline.

However, with consistent system upgrades, announcements of policies, updates, and programs; it is back to its original PR visa processing timelines.

As a result, Canada is seeing a rise in applications for permanent residency. And on the contrary, Canada too is issuing a higher number of invites to qualifying applicants.

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