IRCC extends converting Visitor Visa to Work Permit policy till Feb 28 2025

IRCC Extends Converting Visitor Visa to Work Permit Policy Till Feb 28 2025

Canada Immigration: IRCC extends converting Visitor Visa to Work Permit policy till Feb 28 2025. This comes in as great news as this policy was implemented as a temporary measure to curb the impact of covid-19 on the Canadian labour market. And was to be discontinued in Feb 2023. As per the extension on this policy, if you are in Canada on a visitor visa, you can apply for, get and work in a Canadian job by converting your Visitor Visa to a Work Permit. 


What qualifies as a valid job offer as per IRCC?

If you have a job offer from Canada, then it must meet the following terms as per IRCC:

  • The Canada Job Offer must be for a minimum period of 1 year. 
  • The job must be full-time, regular, non-seasonal, and paid.
  • Also, the job offer must be either LMIA-approved or LMIA-exempt.


But who can avail of the benefits of an extension on the Visitor Visa to Work Permit policy?

If you wish to make use of the current profitable policy extension, then you must meet the following eligibility terms:

  • Firstly, while applying, your status as a visitor in Canada must be valid.
  • Secondly, you must have an LMIA-approved or LMIA-exempt job offer.
  • Also, you must submit an employer-specific work permit application before the expiry of this policy i.e. Feb 28, 2025.
  • Besides, you must be admissible in Canada as per all other standards.


In addition, if you have had a work permit in the past 12 months and are now on a visitor visa status, you can apply to get interim authorisation to work in Canada for a new employer. Before your Canada work permit application gets approval. 

The extension of this policy helps Canada meet its increasing labour market demands quickly. And removes any unnecessary steps involved in the fast recruitment of foreign skilled workers. Earlier if you had a visitor status in Canada and wanted to get a work permit, then you had to:

  • Apply for a work permit in Canada to the visa office in their home country.
  • Upon work permit approval, leave Canada and re-enter for the work permit to take effect.


What benefits do you get because of the extension of the Visitor Visa to Work Permit Conversion Policy?

As you now know, IRCC extends converting Visitor Visa to Work Permit policy till Feb 28 2025. And this is profitable to people who are in or will enter Canada on a visitor visa (TRV) status. Because of this one will be able to:

  • Land in Canada on a Visitor Status
  • Look for a Job in Canada
  • Apply to convert their Temporary Visa (Visitor Visa) to Work Permit.
    • That too without the need to re-enter Canada for the work permit to take effect.
  • As a result, the extension of the policy saves applicants time and money.


What is the need for this policy?

Canada has a very volatile labour market because of covid-19. This means that job vacancies are increasing at a higher rate with each passing hour. Currently, Canada has more than 1.2 million vacant job positions, waiting to be filled by foreign workers.

And the country is dealing with the issue of its ageing population. This means with a rise in job vacancies and retirement of people, the country is not able to fill the emptying job positions.

This means the country needs foreign skilled workers more than ever. This demand of Canada is reflected in their ever-increasing Immigration Levels Targets. And in 2023, Canada is all set to offer Canada PR visas to 465,000 people. All because of the shortage of skilled workers in Canada.

The country has wealth, power, job opportunities, safety, and benefits that every country/people desire to have. But they do not have people to share it with. Canada needs people to make use of its resources. By doing so the foreign skilled workers will make the labour market strong and grow the economy of the country.


In short, the current moment is the best to:

“Fly to Canada on a Visitor Visa status,

Get a Job,


Apply for a Work Permit in Canada!”


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