The Investor Retirement Visa (subclass 405)

​The Investor Retirement Visa (subclass 405)​ is for Self-funded retirees who have no dependents and would want to settle in Australia during their retirement years can apply for this temporary visa.

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An individual might be able to get this visa if they:

  • Are 55 years or older
  • Have no dependents (other than a partner, if any)
  • Meet income requirements
  • Are able to make a significant long term financial investment in Australia.

The individual can include their partner in this application if any. Both the partners must not have any dependents.

An individual can apply for this visa when they are in or outside Australia.

Applying in Australia: If an individual applies for this visa while they are in Australia, they must be in Australia when the visa is granted.

Applying outside Australia: If an individual applies for this visa from outside Australia, they  must be outside Australia when their visa is granted.

What this visa allows for:

This is a temporary visa. It allows an individual to:

  • Work in Australia for up to 40 hours per fortnight
  • Travel to and remain in Australia for four years from the date the visa is granted – after that time the individual will need another visa
  • Have their partner (who has also been granted this visa) accompany them to Australia.                  


The visa application charges are listed in Fees and charges.

There is a second visa application charge payable prior to the grant of the Investor Retirement visa. This charge is payable in respect of each person applying for the visa and must be paid prior to each grant (including each time the visa is renewed).

Other charges that needs to be catered to by the individual are the costs of health assessments, police certificates, or any other certificates or tests. The individual is responsible for making the necessary arrangements.

Who could get this visa

An individual might be eligible to get this visa if they meet:

  • The age requirements
  • Sponsorship requirements
  • Family requirements
  • Income and investment requirements
  • Health and Character requirements.


The individual must be 55 years of age or older. Their partner can be any age.


The individual must be sponsored by an Australian state or territory government agency (other than the Australian Capital Territory. Further information can be found on their websites.


The individual and their partner must not have dependent children or other dependent family members.


They must have assets (or if the individual has a partner, the combined assets) valued at least AUD750 000.

The assets must be:

  • Legally owned and lawfully acquired by the individual  (or both partners)assets
  • Capable of and available for, transfer to Australia.

Exception: If the individual intends to live in regional Australia their assets must (or if they have a partner, their combined assets) valued at least AUD500 000.

All assets listed must be held for two years before lodging the application, unless they are related to superannuation, pension and/or inheritance. If intending to sell assets for the move to Australia, it is recommended that the individual  waits until after the visa is granted. If the individual is required to sell assets to meet visa requirements, they should carefully consider whether they will be able to finance their ongoing stay in Australia. The assets are in addition to the funds required to make the designated investment.

This asset test only applies to new Investor Retirement visa applications. In cases of reapplication for the visa the assets test is not required to be met again.


The individual (or combined with the partner) must have access to a minimum net income of AUD65 000 per year.

If the individual intends to live in regional Australia (or combined with their partner) they must have access to a minimum net income of AUD50 000.

This income test applies each time the individual applies for an Investor Retirement visa. If the individual chooses to reapply for their visa they will need to show that their net income still meets this requirement.

Designated Investment

The individual must have made a designated investment of at least AUD750 000 in your name (or in the names of them and their partner), in the state or territory in which they have been sponsored. The funds for the designated investment are in addition to their asset requirements.

If the individual intends to live in regional Australia they must have made a designated investment of at least AUD500 000 in theirname (or in the name of them and their partner) in the state or territory in which they have been sponsored.

A designated investment must be maintained for the duration of the Investor Retirement visa. The amount of the designated investment decreases by AUD250 000 the first time the individual reapplies for the visa and then remains constant thereafter. If they reapply for their Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405) a designated investment of AUD500 000 must be made and maintained. If the individual lives in regional Australia a designated investment of AUD250 000 must be maintained.

Health Insurance

The individual must have evidence that they and their partner hold an adequate health insurance package for the period of their intended stay in Australia.

For health insurance to be considered adequate, it must:

  • Be fully comprehensive
  • Provide coverage that is at least equivalent to Medicare (including coverage of 85 per cent of costs for hospital, emergency, and general practitioner services)
  • Provide coverage for pharmaceuticals.

It is preferable that the policy is with an Australian insurer; however alternative arrangements that meet the above requirements can be accepted. Alternative arrangements, with an overseas insurer, will need individual detailed examination of the insurance policy and may result in processing delays.

If the individual does not maintain adequate health insurance it may result in the refusal of future visa applications.

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, there are other factors and criteria to be taken into consideration.

For more information and eligibility requirement please Contact us or complete the Assessment Form and email us.