Investor 2 Resident Visa

Experienced business people who have a minimum of NZ $2.5 million in available funds or assets can apply for New Zealand residence. Before they apply, they will require sending an Expression of Interest explaining about their business experience, investment and settlement funds. If the Expression of Interest is successful they’ll be invited along with their partner and dependent children to apply for New Zealand residence.

This visa allows to:

  • Live, work and study in New Zealand indefinitely if the applicant meets all the visa conditions
  • Include partner, and dependent children aged 24 and under, in the visa application.
  • Travel in and out of New Zealand for the first 2 years of the investment period.

Visa eligibility conditions

  • Entry permission: An individual must apply for entry permission when arrive in New Zealand.
  • Quota: Up to 300 residence applications each year
  • Invest in New Zealand: The applicant must keep their nominated funds invested in an acceptable investment in New Zealand for 4 years.
  • EOI Points: Must achieve the minimum cut off points or above in EOI. Keep checking here for the regular EOI cut-off points updates.
  • Contact details: The applicant must disclose their address or other contact details change during the 4-year investment period.
  • Keep your visa in a valid passport: visa must be in a valid passport if any individual wants to travel in or outside NZ.

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, there are other factors and criteria to be taken into consideration.

First of all the applicant has to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be in good health
  • Must be of good character
  • Must have good English language capabilities
  • Must be 65 years old or less
  • Must provide a proof of identity
  • Must reach a minimum point score of 160 in EOI points table.

It is a points-based system to assess eligibility for Investor 2 Resident Visas. Expressions of interest (EOI) can stay in the selection pool for a long time.  Check here to determine and calculate the EOI points based on the informatio

Acceptable Investment Criteria

For an investment to be acceptable it must:

  • Make a commercial return
  • Be invested in New Zealand and in New Zealand dollars
  • Be invested in lawful enterprises or managed funds
  • Have the potential to contribute to New Zealand’s economy
  • Not be for personal use, e.g. your home, boat, or car.

Investments must be in one or more of the following:

  • Bonds issued by the New Zealand government or local authorities
  • Bonds issued by New Zealand firms traded on the New Zealand Debt Securities Market (NZDX)
  • Bonds issued by New Zealand firms with at least a BBB- or equivalent rating from internationally recognised credit rating agencies, eg Standard and Poor’s
  • Bonds issued by New Zealand registered banks
  • Bonds in finance companies
  • Equity in New Zealand firms – these can be public or private
  • Equities in New Zealand registered banks
  • Residential property development
  • Eligible New Zealand venture capital funds.

Learn English

If the IELTS certificate shows an overall band score of 3 when applied for residence, must complete 20 hours’ English language tuition at a New Zealand-registered school or tertiary education provider within the 4-year investment period.

For more information and eligibility requirement please do Contact us or complete the Assessment Form and email us.