International students will need attestation letter to study in Quebec

International students will need attestation letter to study in Quebec

Breaking news: Firstly, Canada puts a 2-year cap on accepting international students. This will result, in a 35% fall in student inflow. Looking at the same now, international students will need an attestation letter to study in Quebec. This includes the earlier requirement of getting a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) to get a Canada Study visa for Quebec.


Besides, CAQ is a document that shows that you meet all the terms of studying in a DLI in Quebec. So, as per the new update, now you need both a CAQ and an attestation letter to study in the province. in addition, the cap on international students for 2 years will see the province/territory requirements as per its population size. Such an effort comes from Canada’s housing crisis and multiple attacks on student integrity in Canada. The Canada study visa scams due to lack of governance are the major reasons for such issues.


IRCC shares that all Canadian universities/colleges will have to share this attestation letter. Thus, all applicants who are applying after Jan 22, 2024, will have to get a CAQ and attestation letter before applying for a Canada study visa. 


Besides, one needs to keep in mind that Quebec is the third best and most popular spot to study in Canada. Because of its state-of-the-art educational facilities, art, architecture, French language, and influence; students have a higher scope for career growth. In addition, the cost of living, and tuition costs are comparatively cheaper in comparison to other provinces/territories in Canada.


Also, post studying in Quebec, applicants can apply to the QEP and QSWP to apply for a Canada PR visa. Also, they have the added advantage of applying for outside Quebec visa programs such as the Express Entry (EE) System.

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