Indian Immigrants in Canada

India leads Canada to a record-breaking 341,000 Immigrants in 2019

Canada breaks its federal government immigration target of 330,000 set in the 2019-2021 Immigration Levels Plan. For the 5th time in history, the country has exceeded its target. And India leads this target with a 25% contribution to the country’s immigrant pool.

For the 5th time, Canada breaks its Immigration target. Earlier the country broke its target in 1911, 1912, 1913 and 2018. With a target of 330,000, Canada adds 10,000 more to top its target.

India took the top seat by adding 25% of people to Canada’s immigration pool. This addition is also a sign of the countries strengthening bond and partnership. Canada and India have a long bi-lateral relation due to its common beliefs of democracy, diversity, and strong relations. The country houses one of the largest south-Asian communities in the world. And has approx. 5.6% of Indians living in Canada.

India is one of the main sources of foreign immigrants for Canada. In 2019, Canada gave permanent residence to 85,585 Indians.

Top 10 Countries Addition of people to the 2019 target of 3,41,000
1.     India 85,585
2.     China 30,260
3.     Philippines 27,815
4.     Nigeria 12,595
5.     U.S.A 10,800
6.     Pakistan 10,790
7.     Syria 10,120
8.     Eritrea 7,025
9.     South Korea 6,110
10.  Iran 6,055
Other Source Countries 1,31,845


The above countries were the major contributors to achieving Canada’s target.

The 2019-2021 Immigration Levels Plan is targeting 341,000 more immigrants in 2020. With the meeting of the 2019 target, the country can also look at increasing the above set target. This can be possible by looking at the consistent growth in the rate of people choosing to move to Canada.


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