In-Canada Asylum

In-Canada Asylum – Claim Refugee Status from inside Canada

Canada gives protection under In-Canada Asylum to refugees who are either under constant threat of persecution or will be subject to the same if the returned to their home country. And such dangers are:

  • Brutal torture
  • Life threat
  • The threat of unfair, cruel and deadly treatment.

If anyone feels they above terms apply to them then they can ask Canada to offer refugee protection.

But to get In-Canada Asylum, meet the following terms:

  • Must be present in Canada at the time of applying.
  • Are not subject to a removal order.

In case, you are outside Canada you may qualify for:

Who can claim In-Canada Asylum?

To apply to make a refugee claim:

  • Be inside Canada.
  • Must not be subject to a removal order.

After an applicant applies, the claim is referred to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB).

Rejection of refugee claim

A refugee claim will not be referred to IRB because of the following reasons:

  • Another country recognises you as a convention refugee, where you can return to.
  • Had a protected person status in Canada.
  • Are in Canada via the Canada-United States Border.
  • Have made a refugee claim in another country.
  • Because of security concerns or criminal records or human rights violations, you are not admissible to Canada.
  • Past refugee claim was not eligible.
  • IRB rejected a past refugee claim.
  • Left or withdrew an earlier refugee claim.