Immigration Targets Rise in New Immigration Plan 2022 to 2024

Canada Immigration Targets Rise in New Immigration Plan 2022 to 2024

2022 – 4,31,645 ITA to be issued as immigration targets rise in New Immigration Plan 2022 to 2024. Not only this but IRCC shared that it aims to select a total of 475000 applicants by 2024.

The maple leaf country needs skilled workers. And this is the prime aim that fuels Canada’s immigration goals. The country gives many immigration pathways for applicants to be permanent residents. So, the country can focus on its strategy of continued economic growth.

Besides, keeping the same goal in mind Canada crossed the 2021 immigration target set at an all-time high of 401,000  

The details of the Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2022 – 2024 is as follows:

  2022 2023 2024
Category Target Low Range High Range Target Low Range High Range Target Low Range High Range
Overall Target 431,645 360,000 445,000 447,055 380,000 420,000 451,000 390,000 475,000

In comparison to 2021, for 2022 the Immigration target is up by up 30645 points

1865 – 2021 Immigration targets on a consistent high graph. Now Immigration targets rise in New Immigration Plan 2022 to 2024.

The history of Canadian immigration has been rich with each year the number of people becoming permanent residents going up. Canada started its immigrant intake in 1865. By 2015, one could see Canada welcoming a set number of 250,000 foreign immigrants each year. However, beyond that, all we see is a consistent rise in the immigration targets. And now in 2021, it took 405,000 as new permanent residents.  

As per the Immigration Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), Canada’s federal government is bound to share the immigration targets by Nov 01 of every year. However, Canada was not able to do it because they were holding elections in September 2021. The result of the same was a huge win for the Liberal Party of Canada and the re-election of Justin Trudeau as PM for the 3rd time.

The aim of setting immigration targets is to tackle Canada’s age-old issue since 1865. When it first started admitting foreign immigrants. The country is facing a labour shortage due to the age gap in its population. The old age group is higher in number while the birth rate is lower. As a result, job positions are empty with no Canadian citizen to take them. As a result, it is the foreign skilled workers who are growing Canada’s economy.

IRCC will issue a total of 431,645 ITAs for Canada PR in 2022.

The reason for the same is as follows:

  • To curb the after-effects of the pandemic.
  • Increase in the labour shortage.
  • Lack of skilled workers in target industries – Food and hospitality, medical, IT sector etc.
  • Reduce and cover recurring economic losses.
  • Develop growing industries – Introduce innovation and technological advancement.
  • Share the benefits of immigration with all provinces and territories.

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Immigration targets rise in New Immigration Plan 2022 to 2024. This is great news for you if you have been thinking of moving to Canada. As of now, your chances are even better. Apply to study, work and or settle permanently in Canada. No matter what the aim is to move you can get your Canada Visa without much hassle and wait.

The above plan shows how Canada is eager to retain more people as PR cardholders. In such a case why not apply? The country offers high salaried jobs, better opportunities, free education till grade 12, free medical benefits, equal, just, and safe society. In short, what else can one wish for from a first world country like Canada.

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