Immigration Options

For several years now, Canada has been accepting around 250,000 new Permanent Residents each year. Canada has always been the first choice for people who want to immigrate. Because of its excellent free health care and schooling system, climate, safety, world-class education and lifestyle. Also, add to this the fact that Canada”s 33 million residents enjoy virtually unlimited recreational opportunities. And you might be forgiven for thinking you have found paradise. Top of that the Canadian Citizenship is like your free visa to almost more than 100 nations in the world including major European countries.

There are several ways to come to Canada. People come here to do business, to live, to visit or to study. So, we can see the whole Canadian immigration system as per two major categories. The one is Permanent and the other one is Temporary.

Please explore various immigration options available under these two categories to come to Canada:

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