How to go abroad with less money?

How to go abroad with less money?

Moving abroad is a wonderful experience. But today many people hesitate to follow their dream of moving abroad. This is because immigrating abroad can be quite costly. Thus, if you are low on funds, it may seem like an impossible dream. But what if someone told you that your dream of moving overseas on a low budget can truly come true?


Here are some tips on how to go abroad with less money:

  1. Research is everything

How to go abroad with less money? Before you make any decisions, do your research. Most people are strongly influenced by their contacts be they relatives or friends moving abroad. But the question is everyone’s situation is different. And in all honesty, no individual who moves abroad will ever show the hardships they might be facing due to their wrong planning while moving overseas.

And as we say the grass is always greener on the other side, people in swarms decide to apply for an overseas visa haphazardly. But one must understand that the trouble is not just getting a visa. You must also be mentally, emotionally and financially prepared to face a new world. Thus, research is the key to segregating facts from fantasy.


How to conduct thorough research while thinking about how to go abroad with less money?

Firstly, while beginning your research you need to think about your intention regarding going overseas such as:

  • I want to move abroad because my known people’s Instagram/Facebook feed from overseas countries is too hard to resist.
  • I want to move abroad because I am tired of working in a mediocre job with less pay and no recognition.
  • I want to move abroad because I want to make the best use of my knowledge and skillset in getting a job overseas.
  • I want to increase my career prospects and land a high-paying job by studying at an overseas university/college.
  • I want to permanently settle in a first-world country.
  • I want to move my family overseas permanently. So, we can live a happy, healthy, peaceful, safe and prosperous life abroad.
  • If I go abroad, I can expand my business network globally.
  • The time has come for me to go on a break. Why not travel to a popular overseas destination?

Irrespective of what the question may be always be honest with yourself. So, you can plan accordingly and moreover plan the right way!


Clarity in intention for moving overseas

Secondly, you need to keep your mind clear. And figure out what is the thing that makes you want to move overseas. Once you figure out your temporary or permanent reason to move abroad you can easily research with the same goal.

Also, for the next thing you can look into countries that have a lower cost of living. And also consider the visa requirements for each. Such as some countries offer working holiday visas that allow you to work and travel. Whereas some may have strict guidelines for getting a work visa. As a result, researching before moving ahead will help you make smart and profitable decisions. And also avoid any unexpected surprises.


  1. Find affordable housing

Housing is likely to be one of your biggest expenses when moving abroad. So, while looking into the same, you need to consider your pocket. Always look for affordable options that can help you save as well. Because if your basic needs are taking all the money you earn, then in reality you are not progressive in life. 

Thus, you must take into account options such as shared apartments or hostels. You can also search for house-sitting or pet-sitting gigs. Because such gigs can provide free accommodation in exchange for your services. Another option is to find a local roommate or become a paying guest in someone’s home.


  1. Save money on transportation

How to go abroad with less money? Plan your transportation. Because it can also add up quickly when you are travelling or living abroad. So, look for cheap travel options such as pre-booking air tickets before landing in your destination country and while staying there using public transportation or biking or if possible, walking.

However, if you plan on travelling frequently, consider getting a pass or a discount card. As it will help you save majorly on your transportation costs. Plus, it is a great way to see people, talk to, and connect with different people from different walks of life.

In addition. why not choose carpooling or ride-sharing services? Such a step can save a lot of money over time.


  1. Look for work opportunities

Without a doubt, for anyone who wants to go abroad, the first thing they want to know is about getting a job abroad. Because in 2023, going overseas is a very profitable thing. Almost everyone is acting up in the favour of a successful and stable future abroad. So, it is not surprising for people to be worried about getting a job after landing in a foreign country or worrying about being left behind in the race to secure a job abroad.

Now, finding work abroad can be challenging. But it is not impossible. The biggest and most common mistake people do abroad is to get any job they can lay their hands on. Instead, they must focus on getting a job that will lead them to a fruitful overseas career. In addition, some countries strongly consider the relevance of your work experience while giving you a visa extension or if you are applying for a new visa. A fine example of the same is an applicant on a Canada PGWP visa applying for a new Canada PR visa

So, choose a job that complements your skills and will fetch you a good amount of money. Further, look for jobs in your field or consider working in the hospitality or tourism industry. Besides, if you are fluent in another language, you may be able to find work as a translator or language instructor. You can also consider working remotely for a company in your home country or starting your own business.


  1. Manage your finances wisely

This is one factor you really need to work diligently on. Because after reading this article you will know how to go abroad with less money. But the real deal is how you will handle your money when you are in the country of your choice.

Managing your finances is crucial when you are low on funds. It is very normal for people to be blinded by the city lights. The pomp, show, glamour, and excitement of a new world can soon be a reason for major losses for you. As a result, create a budget and stick to it. Always avoid unnecessary expenses.

You will have to look for ways to save money. Such as cooking your own meals instead of eating out or buying second-hand items instead of new ones. And also start saving money. Because in a foreign land with no one by your side or having the responsibility of your family members it is wise to have a financial cushion to rest on in case of emergencies.


  1. Utilize resources and networks

Immigration is a business for the destination country you will choose to move to. It may sound odd at first. But the way a first-world country seems like an asset to you, they too look at you with the same eyes. Because your presence helps them generate wealth in their country.

This is also the reason why all major popular overseas destinations (Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand etc) offer services, resources and networks that are beneficial for you. Especially when you are figuring out how to move abroad with fewer funds.

You can start by looking for online communities or Facebook groups for expats in your desired location. These groups can provide valuable information and resources, as well as opportunities to connect with locals and other expats. As an international student, you can also look for scholarships or grants to help cover your expenses.


  1. Stay flexible and adaptable

Moving abroad can be a challenge, and things may not always go according to plan. And this is where people feel displaced abroad. Because they get influenced by hearsay from friends, from unlicensed immigration agents/counsellors, who make them visualise a perfect and blissful world. But the reality, in truth, is in your hands.

What? How? Seriously? are all the expressions that pop up. Because no one tells people to be careful when they enter a foreign land. Certain common thoughts that pass all is… I am earning I do not have to worry about financial emergencies or I will start saving or cost-cutting from next or I ‘deserve’ this break or thing because I had to see/go through XYZ. All reasons stem from the inability to be flexible and adaptable. 

This is why it is important to stay flexible and adaptable. And be open to new opportunities and experiences. Embrace the culture and language of your new home and be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.


I am ready to go abroad with less money. What next?

Moving abroad when you are low on funds is possible with careful planning and budgeting. All you have to do is research your options, find affordable housing and transportation, look for work opportunities, manage your finances wisely, utilize resources and networks, and stay flexible and adaptable. With these tips in mind, you can make your dream of living abroad a reality.


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