How to Get Provincial Attestation Letter for Canada Study Visa?

How to Get Provincial Attestation Letter for Canada Study Visa?

Canada knows how to make headlines. However, in 2023-24, the news has not been particularly positive or fascinating for immigrants. So, if you are a study visa aspirant then you must have heard about the changing study visa application scenarios. How to Get Provincial Attestation Letter for Canada Study Visa?

First, let us have a look at the current Canada Study Visa changes that are applicable:

  • Firstly, Canada has capped the student intake to 350,000.
  • Secondly, you must submit a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL).
    • This letter confirms that the DLI (Canadian University/College) has offered you a place.
    • This is in addition to the Letter of Acceptance (LOA).
    • The purpose of PAL is to ensure no forgery in the DLI admission process is possible.
  • Also, the PGWP terms have changed:
    • Masters/PhD graduates will get 3 years of PGWP (even if the study program is below 2 years).
    • Other below degrees/diplomas/certificate graduates will get PGWP as per the length of their programs.
    • Also, students enrolling in public-private partnership colleges will no longer get PGWP.
  • Besides, the Open Spousal Work Permit (OSWP) terms have also changed:
    • Spouse/common-law partner of Masters/PhD students will get OSWP.
    • Spouse/common-law partner of other degrees/diploma/certificate students no longer qualify for OSWP.


With all such updates, you must be wondering how to get a Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) for a Canada study visa. The answer is easy because now you are familiar with the Canada study visa changes. This is why you can apply for Sep 2024, and Jan 2025 intake with ease. 


Applying for a Provincial Attestation Letter for a Canada Study Visa

Be it the regular Canada study visa process or via the Student Direct Stream, you need to understand that nothing major has changed. You just need to follow the basic Canada study visa process such as:

  • Firstly, apply to the Canada college/university of your choice.
    • Choose to enrol for a degree/diploma/certificate you want to pursue.
  • Secondly, pay tuition fees for 1 year and get a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).

Once you are done with the above two steps your college/university will have to connect with the provincial government. This way the university/college is confirming that they have given you an LOA.

Post confirming the same the province will issue a Provincial Attestation Letter. Once you get this letter you can continue with the rest of the process such as:

  • Get a GIC of CAD 20,635.
  • Also, keep the following documents ready:
    • Medical clearance reports.
    • Police clearance reports.
    • Educational transcripts.
  • Besides, meet language skills requirements (English/French).
  • Have a strong statement of purpose. This increases your chance of approval.
    • Applicable for both visa and college applications.
  • Further, submit your Canada Study Visa application with LOA, PAL, and other necessary documents.


Leave your worries behind. Choose Canada for Career Growth in 2024-25!

A lot of people in 2024, seem scared by the new updates. And fail to understand that Canada is protecting you from fake agents/ghost consultants. Because they are the ones who forged their way into Canada. As a result, Canada is facing issues such as housing, the safety of students, and illegal activities by people who do not intend to study.

A common practice is to enter Canada, skip college, keep working and forget the study purpose. This according to Canada is unlawful. Foreign immigrants are willingly succumbing to these desires. But Canada is now enforcing new rules in the harshest of ways. So, it can continue to offer you top education, multiple job opportunities, safety, security, free healthcare, free education for dependents etc.

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