How to convert Canada tourist visa to work permit in 2024?

How to convert Canada Tourist Visa to Work Permit in 2024?

Canada is one of the most accommodating countries when it comes to accepting skilled foreign workers. A fine example is allowing TRV Tourist/Visitor visa holders to convert their visa to work permit. This policy was introduced in Aug 2020, to curb the very high labour market needs. In 2023, this policy was extended till Feb 28, 2025. So, if you do not have the patience of waiting:

  • To get an ITA/Provincial Nomination for 6 to 12 months for a Canada PR visa.
  • Show funds of 20,635 CAD for a Study Visa.
  • Complex paperwork and deadlines.

Now you can make life easier by knowing, “How to convert Canada tourist visa to a work permit in 2024?” 


2024: Convert Canada Tourist Visa to a Work Permit?

The first and foremost reason to opt for this conversion of visa process is the ease of being able to enter Canada. And the process is a two-part process, that is to say:

Step 1 – Apply for a Tourist Visa (TRV)

Firstly, submit a complete and error-free application. 

Secondly, attach all supporting documents such as:

  • Identity documents: Passport, valid permits (as applicable) etc.
  • Travel history: past passports/visas (showing your travel abroad from your country), entry/exit stamps etc.
  • Details of the itinerary for your travel.
  • Proof of funds: Share bank account statements.

Besides, after you submit a Canada tourist visa application to IRCC, it will assess your details and documents and issue a tourist visa. After getting a tourist visa you can enter Canada.


Step 2 – Look for a job in Canada

The crucial step in, How to convert Canada tourist visa to work permit in 2024 is getting a Canadian job offer. To secure the same you can connect with:

  • Canadian employment agencies.
  • Professional network
  • Jon placement services
  • HR Firms etc.

Moreover, once you get an LMIA-approved job offer from a Canadian employer you can move to the next step.


Step 3 – Apply for a Canada Work Permit

After getting a Canada job offer apply for a work permit. IRCC will process your application and if satisfactory will give you Canada work visa approval. Moreover, after that, you can begin to work in Canada as per your job contract. With further option of applying for a Canada PR visa with Canadian work experience.

In short, apply for a Canada Tourist Visa to Work Permit. Start by either taking our Free Assessment or Contact Us to learn more.

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