How to avoid Canada PR Visa Application Refusal

2022: How to avoid Canada PR Visa Application Refusal

A comprehensive guide to know How to avoid Canada PR Visa Application Refusal.

Canada the maple leaf country is a land of immigrants. It is built and sustains on the sheer strength of brilliance, talent, and skills that foreign skilled workers bring with them. If today Canada is known as the top immigration hub in 2022, then it is all because of immigrants.

Each year a great number of people apply to immigrate to Canada. However, countless applications get a rejection because of some very avoidable yet expensive errors. As a result, not only do you lose your time but also your hard-earned money.

So, why stand in the league of the rejected? When you can know How to avoid Canada PR Visa Application Refusal.

The following are the 8 common but crucial reasons that can make Canada reject your PR Visa application. Read along to know How to avoid Canada PR Visa Application Refusal.

1. Not knowing if you qualify to apply

The first step towards getting Canada PR is to answer certain simple questions such as:

Q 1 – When to apply?

  • There is no certain period during which you can apply for Canada PR Visa. So, if you qualify to apply then you must apply.

Q2 – Where to apply from?

  • You can choose to apply from your home country or resident country where you are physically present.

Q3 – How to apply?

  • To apply you must know which Canadian immigration pathway to choose from. Because Canada offers multiple immigration pathways that can get you a PR Visa.

In the first factor for How to avoid Canada PR Visa Application Refusal after tackling the above common questions the most important question that comes is:

Q4 – Do you qualify to apply?

  • Applying without knowing the eligibility terms of an immigration pathway is like hoping to get a needle in a haystack. A complete waste of time, energy, and money.

Canada does not consider and gives immediate rejection to applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria for Canada PR.

– To avoid losing at the first step for Canada PR, you must know which immigration program you qualify to apply for. To do the same you can take our Free Assessment. And get to know what program best suits your profile.

2. Paperwork missing or incomplete

The immigration system is a very complex structure. The system follows its strict rules, regulations, and orders to keep the immigration process running. So, if you send documents that are incomplete, wrong or miss them completely then you are up for visa rejection.

Further, there is a proper format by which you must make/get your documents. And Canada does give clarity on the same shares a complete list of documents that any Canada PR applicant will have to submit.

And as an applicant, you must submit a complete and error-free Canada PR visa application.

– Keep all documents handy in the correct format as soon as you apply for PR and get the document checklist. It may be a long list of documents with multiple forms to fill but ensure no document is incomplete, incorrect or missing.

3. Criminal record/history

Canada in 2021 admitted 405,000 applicants as new permanent residents. Do you think if they would overlook such an important factor, they would have been able to admit people and grow the country?

This is exactly the reason Canada does extensive background checks to ensure no threat can come to Canada and its people when an immigrant enters the country.

If you have a criminal record in the past, then it can overshadow your chances of getting an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR. Because no matter how high your skills are your background will pose a threat to the security of Canada.

– If you do not have any criminal record or history then getting a police clearance report will get you one step closer to your PR goal. But in case you have a criminal record in your name then you may be inadmissible to Canada which can lead to visa refusal/rejection.

The one solution that you can go for is taking the expert advice of a CICC licensed Canada Immigration lawyer. For they are in good standing with the federal government and are equipped to build your case legally and carefully so you may get rehabilitation.

4. Medical Records/History

As a Canada PR aspirant, the country wants to admit people who are medically fit. The reason for the same is that health care is free in Canada. So, if you enter the country with a prior medical condition then the country will have to bear your medical expenses. And this adds a strain on the economic revenue of the country.

If you have a medical condition that may affect the safety and welfare of Canadian citizens, or your condition will add to the healthcare expenses then you will get visa refusal or rejection.

For such reasons, Canada asks all applicants to get a medical examination report from an IRCC designated medical examiner.

– Even if you have a medical condition that may result in visa refusal then you can apply to be admissible on a medical basis. To do so one solution suggests that you back your medical report with a specialist’s report on your condition. The report must vouch that you no longer pose a threat to Canada due to health reasons.

5. Misrepresenting your Canada PR file

Any applicant who misrepresents its application to the federal govt will have its visa refused/rejected. They may also attract a ban of 2 years from applying to Canada.

Misrepresentation in the Canada immigration process refers to the following:

  • Missing information/form.
  • Giving wrong information due to non-understanding of instructions.
  • Filling wrong forms.
  • Deliberately hiding or giving false information.
  • Forging documents.

– Avoid misrepresentation at all costs. The immigration process can be tricky and complex. It is the sole reason people hire Canadian immigration consultants who create an ideal Canada Visa profile for you. So as to make sure that you submit a complete and error-free visa application.

As they are the experts in their field and know the system in and out, they can represent your case in a legal and rightly manner. This ensures a high rate of successful visa processing in comparison to when down on your own.

6. Deadline – Hit it or miss it

Canada’s immigration process and the system have evolved to take into account the ease of the entire process. Even now new policies, updates and regulations are introduced to fast-track the processing of all applications.

In such a case, if you are applying for a PR visa then you must know the deadlines. These are the deadlines to submit your application and multiple documents that are to go with it. Missing a deadline line will result in visa refusal or rejection.

– The key to avoiding this mistake is by knowing things such as:

  • What forms/documents to get?
  • When and where to get them?
  • How to apply or get them?
  • How and when to fill forms?
  • What are the deadlines applicable through the Canada PR process?

Once you get the answers to the above queries, all you have to do is keep everything prepared in advance to avoid delays.

7. Hiring a non-CICC licensed Immigration lawyer/firm for Canada immigration

The Canada immigration system can be quite nerve-racking when dealing on your own. So, it is always a wise choice to take expert advice and let the experts handle your Canada PR case.

Lately, there has been a rise in non-licensed immigration firms. They claim to be experts or have a CICC licensed immigration firm. But are causing more harm to Canada aspirants.

They make false promises, as they do not have in-depth knowledge of the system. Thereby applying in a manner where you are bound to get a refusal on your Canada Visa application.

– Always opt to take the services of a CICC licensed immigration lawyer and its firm. As they are the correct source of knowledge and can ensure that your PR visa application is error-free and complete. Hiring a licensed immigration lawyer also reduces your chances of visa rejection.

To hire the services of a CICC licensed immigration firm Contact Us at Global Vision Immigration.

8. Visa Refusal – Re-appeal

When you take the services of a Canadian immigration lawyer, they ensure your chances of rejection are the lowest. However, in case IRCC makes the wrong decision on your application they know the channel and the way by which you can re-appeal your case to the govt of Canada. But to do so only an immigration lawyer can assess the grounds on which the visa rejection decision will be challenged.

– Why take chances with your permanent residency visa application. Let an immigration expert deal with your case.

Hire a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant now. As they know How to avoid Canada PR Visa Application Refusal.

In short, now you know how to avoid Canada PR Visa Application Refusal. Do you have an interest in successfully applying for that Canada visa you always dreamed of? If yes, apply now.

 Contact Us to know more.

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