How many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022

How many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022?

Everyone in today’s time is aware of Canadian immigration trends and market scenarios. If you wish to go to Canada then you must have heard, researched or come across that in 2022 Canada is selecting 435,615 applicants for permanent residency.

In addition, Canada has been in news for digitalising the visa application process. Because of the 2.6 million existing application backlogs. IRCC has taken many steps to fast-track the processing of applications, deal with backlogs, offer new immigration pathways, extension in application deadlines, and or special measures to accommodate certain targeted occupations, refugees, skills etc.

All in all, the journey post-pandemic has been busy. Because of a higher immigration level target and many issues in its way Canada has been rolling out one measure after the another. In recent news, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser and Carla Qualtrough Minister of employment, workforce development and disability inclusion, lifted the 20 hours per week working hours limit on international students. Know More.

As a result, opening the floodgates to economic investment via international students. They also shared that Canada is expecting a whooping 700,000 international students in the fiscal year 2022-2023.

In the context of all such updates, applicants (prospective and existing) are curious to understand the frequency of selection of applicants for various Canada visa categories. But trying to understand the Canadian immigration system is a magnanimous effort and would require an in-depth study for a certain number of years. Only then the researcher can offer derivatives influencing the overall Canadian immigration trends, patterns and factors.

Manitoba Immigration draw pattern study: How many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022

Even though a macroscopic study of the entire immigration system is a near future possibility, we can still get useful foresight by studying microscopic elements of a particular immigration class, draws, instructions, and policy updates for some time. Thereby enabling us to offer a common thread/projection towards the upcoming outcomes in immigration draws.

A humble effort is being made to explore the draw trends, patterns of ITAs, and future projections in the current article. So, to understand the same first we must assess the data accumulated for Q1 (Jan, Feb, Mar) + Q2 (Apr + May + June) + Q3 (July + Aug + Sep) 2022.

This will help us chart the rise and fall in the draw figures. And assessing a pattern that may help us in making conclusions as per individual faculty.

Manitoba MPNP Jan-Sep 2022 draws and ITAs

A look at the below graph shows us the rise and fall in the LAAs graph. We can assess the following from the date:

  • Jan 13, 2022, the MPNP draw started the year with a top start.
    • 443 applicants have an LAA.
    • The closest draw to reach this figure is the latest Sep 15, 2022, MPNP draw with 436 LAAs.
  • Post the first draw of 2022, we see the draw figures slip for the next 3 draws.
  • In the next 4 draws, we see a peak in draw figures. On May 05, 2022, MPNP draw issues 315 LAAs.
  • But suddenly the next June 02, 2022, MPNP draw issued 146 LAAs. A 169 points drop in LAAs.
  • Fortunately, for the next 5 draws we see a steady rise in LAAs.
  • Finally, for the Q3 2022 draw on Sep 15, 2022, MPNP draw we see the LAAs strongly rise to 436.
    • A 158 points rise in comparison to the last draw.

How many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022

In short, we see a lot of ups and downs in the draw figures. But the figures are also showing a promising strength in the draw figures. Thus, for the upcoming draws, we can expect the LAAs to break their highest set figure mark of 443.

MPNP Base categories: LAA nominations and application approvals

Manitoba under the MPNP program issues Letters of Advice to Apply (LAA) to applicants who can meet the province’s labour market and economic needs. If you have the skills that can benefit Manitoba, you will get an LAA to apply for a provincial nomination certificate. After getting this certificate you can apply to IRCC for a PR visa for Canada.

How many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022? To understand this, we must look at the LAA nominations and approval data shared by Manitoba. The applicants who have a nomination and or application approval had the choice to apply through 1 of the categories and further sub-streams such as:

How many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022

How many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022?  So, looking at the above diagram we can see that applicants have an ITA from 1 of the following categories and further sub-streams.

The following are the details of the applicants who have nomination and or approval in Jan-Sep 2022.

Source: Manitoba Immigration Data Portal

As per the above data, we can see the number of nominations given by Manitoba under its Skilled Worker Stream (SWM) and Business Investor Stream. And we can see the following:

  • April 2022 – 696 highest nominations given under MPNP to SWM category applicants.
  • July 2022 – 7 nominations have been given to applicants from the MPNP BIS category.
    • Please note business approval refers to applicants whose business concept has been approved by Manitoba. As per the same, they must meet the terms of the Business Performance Agreement (BPA) to become eligible for nomination.
  • Besides, as per the above data, 4380 nominations have been given till Sep 2022.

Manitoba Special Immigration draw for Ukraine 

In terms of assessing, how many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022, we must take into consideration the MPNP draws for Ukrainians. Such special draws targeting Ukrainian citizens are there to help the war-stricken citizens of Ukraine. Not just Manitoba but Canada has been making efforts to facilitate them by offering:

  • Special immigration draw.
  • Fast-track processing of applications on a priority basis.

This is a fine example of Canada’s commitment towards humanity and ensuring world peace. To qualify in such draws, applicants who meet the MPNP terms can qualify for nomination on a priority basis. The 2022 Q3 details of such draws are as the following:

As we can see the above graph is self-explanatory. We see a strong decline since the special draws started on March 09, 2022. After that, we see a very slow rise and eventually, the figures land at their lowest as on Sep 14, 2022.

Express Entry nominations under MPNP draws

Another aspect of exploring, how many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022 is taking into consideration the nomination for Express Entry (EE) profile holders. Whenever Manitoba holds any draw from the total number of nominations it issues a certain number of nominations for applicants who have an active EE profile and a valid Job Seeker Validation Code.

But how can one qualify as per the above terms? To qualify for a nomination, one must meet terms such as:

  • Have an active EE profile.
  • This means you have applied to 1 of the Express Entry (EE) System sub-streams:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Also, meet Human Capital Factors:
    • Age
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    • Language Skills
  • Have applied to 1 of the MPNP categories and further sub-stream.
  • Finally, match or exceed the MPNP EOI score for getting an LAA.

The moment you get a nomination against your EE profile, you get a head start towards getting a quick and easy Canada PR visa. This is because you will get an extra 600 CRS score for getting a nomination against your EE profile. So, your overall CRS rank in the EE pool goes up majorly.

Hypothetically speaking, if you have a CRS rank of 300 in the EE pool, the moment you claim a provincial nomination certificate, your rank will get an extra 600 points. This makes your overall rank stand at 900 points. But to what avail of such an increase in figures? The benefit this brings is when the EE draws occur, with a higher CRS rank your chances of getting Canada PR increase majorly.

How many people have an ITA in Manitoba PNP for nomination till Q3 2022? For EE profile holders a total of 1,103 applicants has an ITA.

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