How can I get Canada PR via the Study Visa route?

How can I get Canada PR via the Study Visa route?

IRCC in a recent report shared that currently, Canada has 807,750 Canada Study Visa holders as of Dec 31, 2022. Also, did you know that 551,405 applicants from 184 countries received their Canada Study Permit in 2022? As astonishing as it sounds, Canada did break its record of giving Study Visa Approval to such a large number of students. Thus, in such a case you too will wonder, “How can I get Canada PR via the Study Visa route?”.

The above question may seem a bit odd. But when you look at international students’ inflow in Canada and their transitioning from Canada Study visa holders to permanent residents of Canada, you will want to follow the same pathway to sure shot success. Surely, people will argue that the current proposition is a longer route to Canadian permanent residency. However, when we delve deeper into the topic, we will be able to unearth the long-term benefits of taking this secure and yes, a bit longer route.


Firstly, to begin we must look at the past statistical records. Because by doing so we can strongly see a y-o-y rise in Canada Study Visa approvals. The below graph confirms the same.

Canada Study Visa Holders 2000-2023

Looking at the above graph we clearly see a year-on-year (y.o.y) rise in Canada Study Visa holders. Except for 2020, due to the outbreak of covid. However, post covid, the rise in the selection of applicants to study in Canada has been positively tremendous. Thus, this is one of the main reasons why international students all over the world prefer Canada for international education.


Which are the top countries contributing to Canada’s international student pool in 2022?

Canada is one of the leading overseas education destinations without a doubt. And to understand the demographic inflow of nationalities into the Canadian population we must have a look at the top countries sending international students to Canada.

  1. India: 226,450 (entering in 2022) + 319,130 (already in Canada in 2022)
  2. China: 52,165 (entering in 2022) + 100,075 (already in Canada in 2022)
  3. Philippines: 23,380 (entering in 2022) + 32,455 (already in Canada in 2022)
  4. France: 16,725 (entering in 2022) + 27,135 (already in Canada in 2022)
  5. Nigeria: 16,195 (entering in 2022) + 21,660 (already in Canada in 2022)
  6. Iran: 13,525 (entering in 2022) + 21,115 (already in Canada in 2022)
  7. South Korea: 11,535 (entering in 2022) + 16,505 (already in Canada in 2022)
  8. Japan: 10,955 (entering in 2022) + N.A (already in Canada in 2022)
  9. Mexico and Brazil: 10,405 each (entering in 2022)


So, in the ongoing year, looking at the tremendous rise in Study Permit Approvals, applying for a Study Visa for Canada surely is the best career choice to make.

Canada PR via the Study Visa Route

Getting permanent residency in Canada as an international student requires you to clear two stages such as:

  • Firstly, getting Canada Study Visa.
  • Secondly, getting a PR visa for Canada.


Stage 1 – Applying for Canada Study Visa

If you wish to get a study visa for Canada then you have two options to apply:

  • Regular Study Visa Process – Anyone from anywhere, if eligible can apply. For details – Click Here.
    • Student Direct Stream (SDS) – Applicants from the select 14 countries, meeting the eligibility criterion can apply. And moreover, get Canada Study Visa Approval in just 21 days. For more details – Click Here.


General Steps to Applying for a Canada Study Visa

Post selecting 1 of the Study Permit pathways for Canada, you must do the following:

  • Firstly, apply for admission to a designated learning institution (DLI) (College/University).
    • September (Fall Session) – 100% programs offered.
    • January (Winter session) – 70-80 % programs are offered.
    • May (Summer session) – 40-50 % programs are offered.
  • Secondly, get a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).
  • Also, have a minimum language skill level in English/French.
  • Besides, have a strong Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Moreover, showcase good financial stability:
    • Tuition fees
    • Accommodation
    • Living Expenses
    • Transportation
  • Also, be medically and criminally admissible to Canada.
  • Finally, agree to leave Canada post-completion of your study program.


Further, IRCC will process your study visa application, and if satisfactory give you a study permit. With this, you can fly to Canada and begin your academic journey at the choice of your Canadian university/college.


Post Graduate Work Permit – How to apply?

One of the perks of getting a study visa apart from being able to work part-time and earn money is the provision of applying for a Post Graduate Work Permit. As per the length of your Canadian study program, you may be eligible for a PGWP such as:

  • 1-year study program – Eligible for 1 year of PGWP.
  • 1.5 years study program – Eligible for 1.5 years of PGWP.
  • 2-4 years study program – Eligible for max 3 years of PGWP.

Getting a PGWP post-completion of your study program is very important. Because if you wish to get a Canada PR visa then you must have either Canadian or foreign work experience. Thus, after gaining the required work experience you become eligible to go for phase 2 of getting a Canada PR via the Study Visa route.


Stage 2 – Applying for a Canada PR Visa

The second stage of getting permanent residency in Canada can be a bit tricky. Because there are more than 100+ Canada PR pathways you can choose from. And if you are not from the immigration industry then to narrow down prospectively beneficial PR visa programs can be a tedious task. Also, not to forget, to comply with eligibility criteria, documentation, meeting deadlines etc. All of which can either lead to Canada visa refusal or approval.

So, in such a case even IRCC advises people to seek professional advice from a CICC Licensed Canada Immigration Consultant. As they are authorised, licensed, and regulated by CICC to offer immigration services. As a result, your chances of being cheated on in the name of immigration services are nil.

Seeking Expert Visa Advise to raise your chances of Canada PR Visa Approval?

Contact Global Vision Immigration – RCIC R417119


Top Canada PR programs to apply to in 2023

1. Express Entry (EE) System 


2. PNP

2.1 Enhanced PNP (EE-linked PNP streams)


2.2 Base PNP

(i) Alberta AAIP

(ii) British Columbia BC PNP

(iii) Manitoba MPNP

(iv) New Foundland and Labrador NL PNP

(v) Nova Scotia NSNP

(vi) Ontario OINP

(vii) Prince Edward Island (PEI PNP)

(viii) Saskatchewan SINP


3. Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)


Apply With GVI – Get to know How to get Canada PR via the Study Visa route?

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