How can being inadmissible to Canada result in visa rejection?

How can being inadmissible to Canada result in visa rejection?

Canadian immigration is upheld under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). This act enables and fosters the selection of immigrants for the economic, cultural, and social growth of Canada. Also, the act details all the rules, regulations, processes, and legal actions that navigate immigration matters. In short, we can say, it regulates the Canadian immigration system.

So, when an applicant applies for a Canadian visa, their file is checked and processed as per the procedures and processes applicable. However, what if you get a visa rejection and get a notification that you are inadmissible to Canada?

In general terms, inadmissible would mean not having permission to enter or take admission. Similarly, in Canada’s case, the same meaning applies to the applicants deemed inadmissible.

But what is this inadmissibility?

An immigration officer takes a final decision on allowing you to enter Canada when you:

  • Either apply for a visa or an ETA OR
  • Reach a port of entry.

Now, the officer can see you as inadmissible for reasons such as:

Security concerns

  • Are suspected of OR are a spy.
  • Are trying to overthrow the government or undermine the authority or power of the federal govt.
  • Violence or terrorism.
    • Involvement in any such parties/organisations.

Violation of human rights and or international rights

  • Acts harming humanity
  • Crimes pertaining to war
  • As a senior government official, you are violating human rights and or are subject to punishment as per international laws.
  • Involved in criminal activity such as driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol/cannabis.
  • Are part of an organisation carrying out organised crimes, money laundering, and smuggling.

Medical Reasons

  • Any health condition which can threaten public safety and health, or can result in excessive financial pressure on  Canada.

Financial Reasons

  • Do not have the funds or do not want to support yourself or your family members.

Act of Misrepresentation

  • Have used fake documents or have hidden any information that may have a direct effect on immigration decisions under the IRPA.

IRPA Provision

  • You are not willing to or can not follow the rules, regulations, and protocols listed under the IRPA.

Family Member

  • If your family member in Canada is inadmissible, you may end up as the same.

As a result, when you ask yourself how can being inadmissible to Canada result in visa rejection, the above is the list of reasons that can result in the same.

What to do if you are inadmissible?

Now you know how can being inadmissible to Canada result in visa rejection. But how to fix the same? Canada offers ways by which you can apply to be admissible in Canada as per the condition which applies to you.

Criminal Inadmissibility

This means if you were arrested or were guilty of a crime then Canada will not allow you to enter the country. Canada takes such decisions after looking at:

  • Whether the crime is serious or non-serious crime.
  • Also, time passed since a verdict was given on it.

To overcome the same you can choose 1 of the following pathways:

  • Temporary Resident Permit Application
    • As per this, you can enter Canada temporarily if there is a valid reason to do so.
    • Only if the benefit of you entering Canada is higher than the risk you pose.
    • Also, the TRP is valid as per the duration of your visit.
  • Apply for Rehabilitation
    • You can get approval as per the:
      • crime committed,
      • The duration of time that has passed since you were punished, and
      • If you have committed more than one crime.
  • Get Individual Rehabilitation
    • This refers to a statement saying that you will no more commit crimes in the future.
    • Also, you can apply only if the act of crime connects with an area/country outside Canada.
    • And it has been 5 years since the crime was committed and the sentence was received.
    • Have applied for rehabilitation and have been approved for the same.
  • Record Removal or Discharge
    • You can apply for a pardon if the crime was committed in Canada.
    • Also, for outside Canada, you will have to contact the visa office in your country, to see if the pardon from your country is valid in Canada.

Medical Inadmissibility

When Canada finds anyone medically inadmissible, it gives them a procedural fairness letter. Once you get this, you can ask a CICC-licensed Immigration Lawyer to help you deal with the same.

You can share things such as the:

  • Current health condition or medical treatment
  • Medical services that you need
  • Cost of medical services you need

Besides, under this, you can apply for TRP to overcome this inadmissibility.

After reading the above article now you know how can being inadmissible to Canada result in visa rejection. Also, how to overcome the same. But we all know that legal matters are not everyone’s area of expertise.

Similarly, Canada’s immigration system is legal and complex. And any error in the same can result in visa rejection.

Are you willing to take such costly chances? Will you apply on your own without having the in-depth knowledge of the system and the visa process you are applying to? No one would want to make such a fearsome mistake.

So, why not let the Best Canada Immigration Consultants guide you. Leave all your worries and humungous paperwork to us. From the start to the end we will offer you a smooth transition from your home/resident country to Canada.

Thus, how can being inadmissible to Canada result in visa rejection is a question you do not have to worry about.

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