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Best time to grab your Canada dream job 

Canada is a developed nation. A nation that has wealth, resources, multiple job opportunities, believes in equality and offering a high quality of life. But, what it lacks is an inflow of young, educated, and skilled workers. Thus, it fears that due to a large part of its population growing old faster with a low birth rate, its economy might crumble.

This is the reason why Canada has, is and will always promote immigration. Because it is the immigrants that drive the economy of this nation. Thus, without foreign immigrants’ help, Canada will soon fade away. As a result, the country in the times of coronavirus crisis is still keeping its immigration game on with some exceptions.

Yes, Canada is not backing down. It is rolling out several measures to effectively contain COVID-19 and support and promote immigration.

Say no to coronavirus, not to your future

The outbreak of coronavirus has forced the world to retreat and function from the safety of their homes. But this does not mean that the end times are near. On the contrary, it is the best time for those who wish to build their future.

It does sound odd, but it’s true. If you are looking for living, working, studying, and or settling in Canada, then this is the best time for you. No matter what your need is Canada is more than open and happy to welcome you.


Are you a job seeker? What is the one big mistake all job-seekers do that costs them their dream job?

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening to push the world towards a global meltdown. But it is not affecting hiring. Rather it is making it much easier. You heard it right! The outbreak of coronavirus may have pushed us indoors but it has made us more tech-savvy. All the employers are now moving the physical interviews to online video interviews. All in all, this is to make sure that COVID-19 is contained successfully.


But, what mistake do job seekers make? And how does it cost them their future job?

The biggest mistake that all job seekers’ do in times like COVID-19 is, ‘they stop looking’. Unbelievable, but that is the mistake that costs them their future. When you could be enjoying your life in Canada, you are wasting your time staring at the ceiling, dreaming about Canada.


Don’t stop believing! And do not stop looking for a job

The current mess named coronavirus can get very depressing. But that does not give you an excuse to stop chasing your dreams. Rather it is the best time to hunt and grab the Canada job because Canada is looking for skilled workers like you. If you have what the country is looking for then Canadian permanent residency is in your hand.


Foresay you stop looking for a job, what happens next?

When you stop actively looking for a job then it creates a trend. This trend shows that people are no more looking for an overseas job. As a result, employers too stop looking for you, and that is how you will lose your future job.


Canadian employers are looking for you and you must apply now

If you think that Canada is not looking for skilled employees like then you are axing your foot. The country understands that the current situation demands patience but in reality, Canada needs more skilled workers to keep up with the labour market and economic needs. Thus, employers are actively looking for people who are interested in building their future and Canada.


Do not let someone else take your job

Coronavirus may end in a few weeks or months. But if you think you’ll look for a job when it ends then your future has ended right now. Thus, in such a case, why should Canada make you its priority?

Moreover, if you wait for the crisis to get over then someone else will claim your job and if you apply after the crisis, the large number of applications will delay your chances by a huge number. So either way, waiting is not an option.


Getting a Canada job is a lengthy process

Everyday news pours in how coronavirus is slowing everyone down. But the same does not apply to Canada. Did you know that the demand for foreign workers is at an all-time high and will continue to grow in future?

We all are avid readers and we love to be ‘connected’. But did anyone tell you that Canada’s hospitality sector is the hottest area of recruitment right now? Every year, a large pool of people is hired in Canada’s hospitality sector. Likewise, this year too is all set to do the same.

In addition, we must understand that the hiring process is lengthy. The entire process takes 6-12 months. As there are certain rules and regulations that both the employer and foreign worker must follow. So that Canada can hire the right person for the right job.


Global Vision Immigration (GVI) – Your one-stop solution for Canada job and Canada PR

Do not let immigration updates and news of COVID-19 scare you. Canada is a strong and developed nation. It is equipped to handle such a crisis. It is doing everything from injecting billions in the economy, to giving financial aids to Canadians, permanent residents and businesses. 


Canada is here for you and so is GVI

We at GVI help you guide through every step of the immigration process. From your first free assessment and evaluation of profile to you settling in Canada, we take care of it all. 

We are an CICC licensed immigration company with headquarter in Brampton, Canada. Do not let fake immigration companies and incomplete info make you lose your time and hard-earned money. We have our two branch offices in Siliguri and Delhi and one satellite office in India. Therefore, we ensure that our clients get a quick and easy Canada visa.


Choose your future, Choose GVI

An overseas job hunt sounds like an easy task but it is the opposite. You must understand how the hiring process works in the country of your choice. Even if you find a job you must make sure that you apply through the right channel and in a complete and correct manner. In addition, to that, you must complete immigration paperwork. So you can set foot in the country you wish to work in. Thus, all these lengthy and complex work will make you run around in circles.

Therefore, why not let the professionals take the lead. This is where GVI and its team of experts come in.


Canada’s hospitality industry is hiring. Want a high salary job in the hospitality industry in Canada?

If yes, then we will guide you through every step of the process. If you have the qualification, training and experience then we will get you your dream job.


Here is what is going to happen when you start your Canada immigration process with us:

  • Firstly, you hire GVI’s services and we conduct a free assessment and eligibility of your profile. And if your profile is satisfactory then we will, within 0-2 months:
    • Do resume building and marketing for you.
    • Find the right employer.
    • Help you in the selection and clearing your interview(s).
    • Voila! Now you have a job offer from your Canadian employer.
  • Secondly, you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). And for this, the application process will take another 1.5-2 months.
  • In addition, once you get an LMIA approval, you will need a work permit. It takes approximately 1 month to submit your work permit application.

Now you will have to take all these steps very carefully. One wrong step can drain your effort and money. And that’s why you need the help and guidance of professionals like us who have more than 15 years of industry experience.

  • Finally, you will get work permit approval in approximately 1- 6 months depending on your country of residence.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned steps and time-duration are just perfect for you. By the time you will be in Canada, there will be no coronavirus in the world. But this is only possible if you start now, then by November 2020 or later you can start working in Canada. The more you delay, the more you step away from your dream job.


The time is right, the time is now! Apply for a Canada PR

Leave all your worries to us and prepare to enjoy your new life in Canada.

Global Vision Immigration (GVI) helps you achieve your Canada dream while maintaining social and physical distancing. COVID 19 forced millions to work remotely. GVI team is always available to answer all your queries through phone calls and emails. Contact us today for free online assessment.


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