Higher applicants to get CSQ in Quebec Immigration Plan 2023-26

Higher applicants to get CSQ in Quebec Immigration Plan 2024-25

Canada recently shared its immigration levels plan for 2024-26, pledging to bring 485,000 in 2024, and 500,000 in 2025-26 each as PR visa holders. Looking at the same delightful announcement, Quebec followed the same path. As in the new update higher applicants to get CSQ in Quebec Immigration Plan 2023-26.

Quebec is the largest province of Canada and hosts all things French proudly; be it language, art, or culture. The province is all set to offer Quebec Selection Certificates to a higher number of applicants. As per the Quebec Immigration Plan 2023-26 the following are the immigration targets:

  • 37,990 – 2024
  • 34,500 – 2025
  • 25,500 – 2026


Quebec Immigration Plan 2024-25 – Key Highlights

The immigration plan for francophones soars high with the spirit of preserving and promoting the French language. This is clear when we see the following highlights:

  • Firstly, Quebec is now making the French language requirement mandatory for all except skilled workers in agriculture.
    • However, their employer will have to make sure that during the term of their employment, they learn French as work permit holders.
  • Secondly, applicants who have been in Canada on a work permit for more than 3 years will now be required to prove they have a French language skill level of NCLC 4.
    • But failing to do so shall result in them being asked to leave Canada on an immediate basis.
  • Also, Quebec is expecting a higher number of applicants and is expecting the inflow of people to reach 50,000 each for 2024-25. The province is expecting an additional flow of immigrants such as:
    • 6500 students to workers.
    • 6,600 businesspeople.
  • In addition, post-Nov 23, 2023, Quebec will ensure foreign workers have to pass new French language tests. 
    • Besides, the same applies to 476,000 foreign workers in Quebec now.
    • 59,000 foreign workers in PTET will have to pass the French level 4 oral exam.
    • 119,000 sponsored workers may have to appear for the exam.
    • 35,000 agriculture workers do not have to take exam.


In short, higher applicants to get CSQ in Quebec Immigration Plan 2023-26. Apply now for CSQ and later Canada PR. Contact Us at GVI to know more. Also, get Free Assessment.

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