As H-1B Visa Rules Tightens, 50% more Indians apply for Canadian Citizenship

Rigid H-1B visa rules make Indians opt for Canada as their preferred PR destination

As United States of America hastens its H-1B visa rules under new leadership regime, Indians are moving to Canada as it opens new avenues of high paying job opportunities & excellent academic opportunities.

The enormity of Canada is such that there is rise of 50% more Indians who made Canada their permanent residence.

Indians who hold their H-1B visa application in the USA have to wait for 10 years for green card.Clearly Canada has become preferred destination as it takes less time to give permanent citizenship.

New rules expect permanent residents live for minimum 3 years out of 5 years in Canada overall. 

First of all, robust Express Entry System is a point based draws system similarly smooth provincial nomination system which allows an applicant to add up to his overall comprehensive ranking system points makes it most easiest immigration process in the world.

Provincial Nomination Program is secure process as individual provinces invite candidates who have wide range of skills and professional experience.

Whereas holders of H-1B visa have to leave United States of America after 6 years of residency. Besides, United States of America is rejecting the H-1B visa extension applications too.

Skilled H-1B visa holders target Canada as their favoured home

15,016 Indians received permanent residency visa in 2018 against 9,992 in 2017 which is almost 50% higher permanent residency invitations.

In addition,41,000 Indians got invitation to apply for permanent residency,tourist and multiple entry visa according to Immigration, Refugees And Citizenship Canada(IRCC). In 2017, total of 36,310 Indians got multiple entry, permanent residency and work permit visas.

Likewise Philippines topped the immigrants list whereby 15,642 candidates got Canadian permanent citizenship.

As per the Canadian Immigration authorities India has second highest number of permanent citizenship applications.

There is a huge blow to H-1B visa holders as they move to north of the United States of America as the entire process of Express Entry System is straight forward and smooth.

America’s hire American, buy American policy is hurting its economic prospect. Therefore, candidates favor Canadian Express Entry system as entire process usually takes six to eight months to finish.

S-T-E-M candidates amass the leverage

People from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics background are receiving high paying opportunities in Canada.

To remain competitive in global economy, Canada always values Indian immigrants as they are innovative and always ready to give fresh ideas for economic prosperity, stability and progress.

Weak position of American H-1B visa rules is making companies to open atleast one office in Canadian cities or provinces.

As can be seen,professionals,corporate primarily having offices in United States of America, are opting Canada for their business purposes.

Professionals know that Canada offers less remuneration package, but opportunities are almost same in Canada against United States of America.

More importantly coming three years are important for Canada as it will be adding 1 million new permanent residents.

Furthermore free education, healthcare infrastructure and cheap living standards over United States of America makes Canada an already selected destination in North America.

Moreover strong job opportunities in all profiles and work opportunities for skilled occupations in engineering,construction, railways, hospitality, medical gives Canada advantage over United States of America.

Lastly Canada is ready to accept you. Are you ready to accept Canada as your permanent residence?

*Data as per statistics provided from Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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