Great Opportunities for foreign Students in Canada

The Canadian government is planning to attract more international students. The motive behind the move is to boost economic benefits and classroom diversity. As per a report, the majority of foreign students are from India and China, followed by countries like Vietnam.

There was a huge impact on the economy by the inclusion of foreign Students.  A report from the federal department, from the year 2010 to 2016, a total of $15.5 billion revenue was brought by students. The revenue includes not only tuition fees but also rent and groceries.

Paul Davidson, Universities Canada President said in an interview, “We’re looking at where in the world there is a growing middle-class demand for higher education”. As per him, he is expecting Canada to promote itself as an education destination.

Surprisingly, a survey done by Universities Canada depicted an increased enrollment of full-time international students by 15%.

Special allotment in Budget for Attracting Foreign Students

Significantly, the Federal’s last month budget dedicated $148 million exclusively for the funding of international education. Therefore focussing on attracting Foreign Students to Canada.

Focus on Employment Opportunities

Denise Amyot, President, and CEO of Colleges and Institutes Canada said foreign students bring new perspectives that help their Canadian classmates better understand the world”. Further, she said, “Some of our best immigrants, in fact, have been international students that have studied in Canada, worked in Canada,”.  Amyot also said, “This becomes very, very attractive and Canada has a shortage of employees right now, so it is really helping our labor-market situation.”

As per Denis Amyot, there are certain changes in the immigration process. Changes include:

  • Speeding up of visa processing time,
  • Permitting students to work in Canada while they study
  • Along with improving graduate’s chance of obtaining residency.

Therefore helping Canada in competing with other countries.

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