Germany News: Federal Statistical Office recent survey shows hiked Migration of Non-EU Nationals

More influx of Non-EU Nationals to Germany for work

The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) in a recent survey found a leap of 20% in the number of People from Non-EU countries coming to Germany for work.

To point out, Survey the fact was that most of these foreigners are men from India, China, and the United States.

Meanwhile, the migrant skilled labor forms a smaller group of population in Germany’s 10.9 million foreigners. 

To explain, in a notification issued by Destatis:

Non-EU citizens rose with the permit rose from 2,17,000 to 2,66,000 from the year 2017 to 2018. The percent of the foreigners from the countries are as follows:

  1. India (12%)
  2. China (9%)
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina (8%)
  4. United States (7%)

To enumerate, the average age of the migrants were 35 years old. Furthermore, among them 2/3rd were males.

 In fact, 80% had a temporary work permit whereas 17% had a permanent work permit allowing them to stay indefinitely.  

To point out, the total numbers of migrants in the German labor market mainly includes three categories:

  1. Non-EU citizens with work permit
  2. EU citizens able to live and work in any member state without a permit
  3. Foreigners such as Refugees, registered under Central Register of Foreigners (AZR) under residence permits who also have the possibility of taking up the work.

Introduction of new Migration Laws

According to the notification by Germany’s government which was issued at the end of 2018. The government is planning to approve new laws related to skilled labor migration. The Introduction of approved new laws will make the process of skilled worker migration easier.  

To conclude, for the Skilled workers including non-EU citizens, the process will be much easier to migrate, if they work in a field suffering shortage.

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